Hindustanis Elephant Archer?

Indians used to have EA as their UU. Now Hindustanis have neither EA nor BE, why? They have CA which is no longer FU. I feel that their unit choice is more limited now.

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If you look at their tech tree, they’ve got the final Cav armour back and Shatagni has been buffed (and hopefully fixed too in terms of accuracy:


Actually I’m surprised they remove EA from Hindustanis.
But maybe better so. Having EA AND Imp camels in TGs is a bit too much imo.
And for 1v1s EA is rarely useful.


Yeah I’m aware of all the changes. But I think they lack a meta power unit? No knight, no arb, no FU CA now. HC is not that commonly viable and only came in late game.

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I don’t play TG much. Do you mean having EA from ranges is too much, or it already is too much currently with Indians?

Depending on the attack boni the Ghulam have, the new Indians might not die that hard anymore to Meso civs like it did in the past.

Especially the increased attack rate for Camels seems really deadly against Knights.

I’m not an expert by any means though.

Looking forward how all the civs will play out :slight_smile:


They have one of the best eco in the game and I think it make sense to lose FU HCA that they now have better imp camel and gunpowder.

I don’t think why they need to lose Elephant archer though, because of some historical reason? (They now aren’t represent whole Indian subcontinent and elephant archer probably not their thing. But I don’t know much about them.)

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Yeah they have counters for all units, camels for cavalry, Ghulam/skirms for archers, HC for infantry. Just short of aggressive (and scalable) units.

The Siege Elephant might be a great new regional unit. This seems like the power unit in Late Game.

And Imperial Camels almost FU (just without Blast Furnace) with extra attack speed are absolutely deadly against Paladins I suppose.

They still have access to BBC too. I think they’re fine.

They always had decent HC. I don’t think this helps with their matchups with powerful infantry civs. It will do almost the same

BTW the Dravidians have faster firing EA + Siege Onager… They look scary actually.

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Where did you see SO firing faster?!

They have blast furnace :wink:


No, he meant EA is faster firing, and they have SO

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Sorry I was wrong. Yeah, they’re going to shred Paladins :smiley:

Little surprised about the Indian changes tbh. I mean it’s basically back to old indians. So strong tg civ and then 1v1 depends on the UU. If it’s good vs archers and infantry the civ will be good if you make it to a castle in time. If the unit won’t be strong the civ will be bad in 1v1 as you neither you have your tanky light cav nor will you play cav archer anymore. And shatgni will be still a bad tech if they don’t fix the accuracy problem. Giving +2 might even further decrease accuracy so their hc might get even worse.

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idk I think low accuracy is not necessarily bad for gunpowder, especially in the lategame

And they would have 1 more range than arbs which could be a nice advantage there. I think these HC can be quite good. They have also +1/+1 armor which is nice, too.


Armor certainly is nice but shatagni is a completely useless tech atm. You pay res to get a tech that makes your hc arguably worse. So I don’t see point of adding another +1 range.

imo a splash effect is a good bonus for HC, it reduces the overkill. And yes I think the 1 more range is really valueable as a bonus here. Especially if it puts HC Range over the range of the other archery range units.
There will always be a frontline in these lategame situations and then having that 1 range more is just such a strong bonus, making it almost impossible for the opponent to pick of your backline with theirs.


Also 9-range HC is way better against onagers.