Hindustanis team bonus

I think this bonus will be too broken. (If “light cavalry” term include feudal scouts.)

Is just +2 attack, compare that to old manipur cavalry.
Finally we Will see a civ that can do an effective scout Rush with this Men at Arms plagued Arabia.

No it won’t. It’s going to be more or less Magyar scouts in Feudal age. So nothing to worry about. As long as you don’t try to wall the middle of the map, your walls will stay safe.

BROKEN! Very broken! Bonkers broken! Unbelievable broken!
All new civs BROKEN!

M@a have 6 base damage and 2 bonus damage vs buildings, and yet villagers can still outrepair them, and even when they somehow can’t they still buy plenty of time. And turns out scouts with bonus damage vs buildings are still worse than m@a against them, so it will be fine.

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Pretty much the attitude towards any new civ. Broken! Nerf! Pay to win!


Feudal Goths MAA do up to 10 dmg to buildings before armour

Hindu FU scouts will only do 8. How could they be OP? Purely due to mobility? More useful, yes. But not OP

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