Hisar Academy for the Delhi Sultinate

Glad to see they upped how much food it gives, it now caps at 700/min still pretty worthless tho, the building should either give a different resource or do something else, otherwise its just a waste to build.

700 food per min is pretty good imo. Assuming farms gather at around 0.625 food per second that’s 18 pop worth of farmers you don’t need.

the issue is the alternative provides 900 or 1000 resources worth in the form of an elephant every ~1-1.5 min or so, 600 of that is gold, and the rest is food. Meaning the Hisar academy isn’t really worth considering in any situation I can think of.

Th hisar academy is for games where you think the elephant archers are not going to fit your comp. I agree the elephant landmark is way better if you want elephant archers.

I think if dehli was to get a buff, imperial age isn’t the place for it. When you hit imperial age with dehli you get such a huge power spike from free techs that by then should be researching at the same speed as everyone else’s that they don’t really need power from their landmarks.

Would have preferred gold, so it would be a viable option for water maps or matches were you do not get access to a lot of gold.