Historic fact for possible future campaign - Japan

Fortunately, we have the Mongolian civilization and the Japanese win in the polls.

The Japanese also invaded China but had to face the Koreans which implies two new civilizations for that campaign


¨Oda Nobunaga¨ Campaign will be awesome to see in AOEIV

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An international war in East Asia in the 16th century really deserves to be the subject of a campaign.

However, the relevant historical data and research seem to have great differences. The historical data of the three countries participating in the war are different and have different attitudes.It is hoped that the production team will try to be neutral and objective in reviewing historical materials and production, and not only look at one party’s data.
In addition, from the Ming Dynasty to new China, most Chinese people did not know the war at all. In the past few decades, they had not made any film and television works on related subjects. That is, in recent years, ordinary people began to pay attention to the history of the Ming Dynasty, and only then did they know that there was such an international war in East Asia.
And after years of observing different groups on the Internet, I have found that:

Chinese people who know this period of history generally believe that this war saved the fate of Korea. (although at first there was a voice in the imperial court that no troops would be sent to support Korea)Some modern Chinese do not attach much importance to the role played by the Korean civilian armed forces and the navy in the war,. However, the Late War reached a stalemate, indicating that the Ming Dynasty was unable to defeat the Japanese Army completely in a short time. This may be related to the fact that the Ming Dynasty experienced two other wars before participating in the war, resulting in a deficit in national strength. In addition, The military degradation caused by long-term peace not only occurred in Korea, but also in China. In contrast, The main force of the Japanese army is the veterans who just ended the war of reunification.

Now some Koreans think that the support of the Ming Dynasty is simply “adding chaos” (But the then king of Korea did admit that the emperor of China has a “再造之恩(rebuilding grace)” for the Korea), and they think that even without the support of the Ming Dynasty, the Korea can defeat Japan (relying on civilian armed forces and the Navy). Of course, the reality is that the Japanese army occupied almost 90% of the land and all the capital of the Korea in only one month.

Now some Japanese believe that although Japan retreated after defeat, it caused great losses to the Ming Dynasty, the leader of East Asia at that time. However, the number of enemies killed recorded in Japanese historical materials far exceeded the actual number of troops sent by the Ming Dynasty. It is obvious that there is an element of boasting. In fact, in this war, the number of troops of the Ming Dynasty was always less than that of the Japanese army, which can be called “a few wins more”.

In terms of tactics, the three countries have their own characteristics: the advantages of artillery and cavalry in the Ming Dynasty caused great damage to the Japanese army, As a result, the Japanese army did not dare to fight in the field with the Ming army, so they had to retreat to the castle,while the Ming army was deeply impressed with and gave a high evaluation of the Japanese army’s musket and urban defense technology, As a result, the advance of the Ming army in the later period almost stopped,while the Korean side claimed that civilian armed forces and naval forces had interfered with the Japanese army’s logistics supply to a great extent.

Interestingly, many games (including AoE3) are used to following stereotype: to endow China with an army of low quality that can only be won by quantity, while the Japanese army reproaches and portrays it as a well-trained and well-equipped elite force. Obviously, this is not the case in reality.

Although since the 16th century, Europe, which has experienced the baptism of science, has gradually surpassed China to become the world’s first-class power, China still has at least the first-class power in East Asia (both in quantity and quality). Mongolia, its descendants and Manchu forces are also the same first-class, while Japan surpassed China to become the strongest power in Asia after the westernization reform in the 1860s. Before that, Due to the long-term lack of transportation of old continent Technology (especially the weakness of cavalry and artillery), Japanese can only be regarded as a second rate power.


Japan’s civil war, if it’s on Netflix


If can not defeat China, always use the excuse of the large number of Chinese troops. Don’t want to think about why ancient China could feed so many people because of its strong national power. China has fought wars for thousands of years. It is normal for China to win wars because it has rich experience and is good at wars.

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I made a Japanese campaign proposal ranging from the Heian period and the Genpei Wars in 1185 to the Siege of Osaka in 1615.


What about the Shimabara rebellion thats interesting too.

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