Historical accuracies

I’m really hyped for the new update but there’s something that bugs me: the veteran upgrade for the English musketeer gives the redcoat, which is cool, it’s era…
But, the veteran upgrade for the German skirmisher gives a German soldier with a spiked helmet on his head, it’s very anachronistic that these two headgears coexist at the same level of upgrade because the tricorn was abandoned during the Napoleonic wars and the spiked helmet appeared in the German army in 1842, 30 years after the end of the said wars

It’s the kind of thing that spoils the immersion for me, a bit like the story of the bayonets…

The spiked helmet should exist only for the imperial level, but then it would be necessary to add to the English musketeer the shako
What do you think about it?


wait until you hear about the uniforms of the asian and american continents


The “historical accuracy” of this game has been: it really existed in history, and belonged to this nation, we are not making it up.

But that’s all. As for their placement, it’s usually poorly aligned…you have renaissance units in the industrial age. And most units never really “upgraded”.

I’d like industrial and imperial models to show some difference, though, but that’s a lot more work. Maybe they will be implemented gradually.


I’m super-glad Redcoats get a RG skin, however the Industrial Age upgrade should give them back their Shako hats (Fortress can still have the awesome new ones).

…But yeah, tip of the iceberg. Pick an Asian civ and you’ll find that most of the rosters are either mystic East, too old to be in the game, just novelties, etc


wait until you find that AGE5 unit of Aztec should match with AGE1 unit of the US and Mexico for historical accuracies

the Lakota in age 3 can buy a unit with a gun invented in the 1860s, the same goes for the USA with Gatling guns.

by comparison uniforms are pretty tame difference.

also its the industrial era, depending on country and who you ask it goes from like 1750 and arguably all the way up to the 1st world war.

I’ll add another one to what everyone is saying here. Most European hand infantry should be available in the Exploration Age and shouldn’t be able to be upgraded after the Commerce Age. Something like the Clubman and Axeman from Age of Empires I.

Furthermore, if the game ends after 1865, all musket units, like musketeers and skirmishers, should have a SuperImperial upgrade that transforms their weapons to single shot rifles.

I really think the ages of one civilization are not usually aligned with the ages of the others.

Aztec imperial age corresponds to Spanish exploration age, for example.


wait till you all realize there is not lizard to human slap kung fu discipline that china has jealously guarded for centuries.


If we’re going to point out historical accuracies concerning the uniforms of the units, I’d like to point out that pretty much the only unit wearing a historical outfit for the Lakota is the Tokala Soldier.

The rest are… mostly made up.

Tell that to the Portuguese Organ guns


You can probably get away with Organ Guns as many nations had multi-gun artillery (volley guns/frame guns etc, though never common), however quite why the Portuguese have it solely as their unique unit is more strange. Ironically, the Portuguese produced and greatly used Falcons and Falconets (to which Organ Guns replace). I’ve also thought Organs should just be Merc arty or Shipment only for all Euros (as it was more of an niche/experimental/novelty artillery).


Of course, the Aztec empire goes from 1325 to 1521… the first age would be in 1325 and the last age would be in 1521…

It feels more like “now that you as a commander has gained much prestige, your home country grants you access to more elite soldiers and better equipments”.

The truth of “age-up” in this series.


‘As commander of the Shang Armies, I grant you access to Legionaries’ in Age I
‘As commander of the Chinese Armies, I grant you access to Zweihänder’, in Age II

They should do what they did for the Russian Rekruts, and just make Redcoats a unique musketeer unit with different visuals for every upgrade. Move the tricorne hat variant to veteran, and give Napoleonic era shakos when they get guard upgrades.


Sure, exactly…

Sure, it could be…


I wish more that they fix all the inaccuracies than they add new civs

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Can we maybe ask to fix the inaccuracies of the non-European civs before we start critiquing the style of hat a Musketeer is wearing?

I’d like to see the Lakota get actual Lakota warriors from history, not a bunch of made-up shit. It’d be great to see the Warpath Badgers wielding lances wrapped in otterfur with shards of glass stuck in it. That would make a cool looking unit. Or the Crow Owners, with crow-feather headdresses and black bows.

Get my point?


Nah, I really don’t see the point in making the Redcoats a unique unit, tbh.