Historical Battle Tours Bug?

I am playing the historical battle Tour on hard and I have killed both the Berbers and the Moors. That objective is finished and the text is crossed over. I have not lost any of my 3 town centers yet the game just continues on. Am I missing something?

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You need to take the baggage train (trade carts) from the Moors to the cathedral in Tours.

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They were all killed, but I did not fail the scenario.

Normally when you fail to deliver the carts the scenario just changes to one of killing Green and Yellow, but this alternative victory condition doesn’t work in DE. Even wiping Gray and deleting your Town Centers doesn’t end the game once you fail the original cart objective (Wonder Victory is disabled as well).

Was able to reproduce the bug as listed in OP, the game doesn’t end:

Probably should move this to the appropriate forum though.

From the editor it looks like there’s a couple problems:

  1. This should be Player 2 instead of Player 3 (both triggers here relate to Player 3)

  2. There’s no Victory trigger to go with these Conditions so these don’t do anything if they’re fulfilled. Need a E#: Activate Trigger, Activate Trigger, V - You win added to the above picture.

  3. Charles Martel dying is supposed to trigger a loss but that effect is missing as well. Unrelated to the first two, but still a problem.

Applying these changes above to a custom scenario and it works:


This bug should be reported in the “Report a Bug” section.

actually no, you never lose if you lose Charles Martel, in HD it was the same case, even a Frankish soldiers says “the franks will continue fighting but without hope of victory” or something like that