Historical Battles: Thoughts and Suggestions

This addition is probably one of the best ones made in the Definitive Edition (as well as the Compendium - yes I’m an easy man to please); but only six battles so far? Come on! Take the opportunity to add many more battles before the game dies. There are so many battles that can be added, whether colonial themed or not, WHO CARES?

I want you all to list some battles you would like to see, with a short description of each one.

Battle of Vienna - 1683; Factions: Ottomans, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Holy Roman Empire (ie. Germans). Siege style map - defend the city from the besieging Ottomans while you wait for the Christian Coalition under Jan Sobieski III to arrive.

Maybe - Iroquois + British vs. Algonquin + French as well

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Yes please, more historical battles. You can add the battle of vienna, as stated, and so many more: battles for the spanish conquest of america, Brazil trading empire, the force migration of the tupi inland by the portuguese colonization of the amazon, protestant reformation battles, battles of japan unification, carving of china, british mandate on india, opening of japan isolationism, 30 years wars with sweeden, inca revolution under Manco Inca or later under Tupac Amaru, battles of the Haudenosaunee in the american revolutionary wars, French revolution, Haiti Revolution (first slave revolt), Latin american reolutions, conquest of India by the Mughal Empire, conquest of Egypt by the Ottomans or Britain (maybe the last one may be for another time period), the fall of constantinople maybe? (since aoe2 didn’t had that one and it was the event that promoted exploration), italian city states wars, something with the Holy Roman Empire, Dutch independence of Spain, and many many more.

It could only make the game better, and it makes sense to make use of the civs already in the game to tell amazing stories.


More historical battles would be great, particularly something for the Inca and Swedes. I think the Dutch make no appearance in any campaign/scenario material either.

will we get winged hussars by then? xd

that’s the plan :wink: :wink: