Historical changes you would like to see

We most likely are not going to get any of them, and the game should put gameplay first and way above historical accuracy (something like no siege to mesocivs would hit them too hard).

But I would like to see if you would like this type of changes, and wich ones you would like, if any.

This is my top 5:

-Britons; longbow and elite longbow replaces archers upgrades from the archery range, they could get a Billman as a castle UU.
-Franks: gets arbalester, no need for bracer, but they invented that heavy xbow.
-Spanish: losses Paladin, gets a Unique upgrade for pikemen and xbows, Knight of Santiago replaces Conqs
-Celts: name changes to Gaels and UU changes to Gallowglass
-Sarracens: gets a bonus for light cav, minor rework to mameluke, they are now a cavalry archer with bonus vs mounted units.


Saracens being renamed to Arabians. Mamelukes becoming a switch between Knight and Cav Archer. Because that’s what IRL Mamelukes were and they didn’t throw swords. They used this approach to counter Mongols.
Italians renamed to Genoese


Throwing Axemen throwing an actual Francesca Axe

Persians getting the “Central Asian” architecture

Italians getting a Galleass UU if they never add Venice (which would suck, since they were such a major power in this timeframe)


Aztecs and Mayans get a recolored architecture set

New Incan architecture as well as better quality audio

Korean UU is Hwacha

Burmese and if Tais are onboard get a Buddhist architecture set

Slavs are renamed Rus

Japanese get the Mounted Samurai

If Tais are onboard, let their UU be an elephant with +2 range or maybe a elephant cannoneer or maybe that can be a replacement for bombard cannon.


Good. They won’t impact the balance or the meta too much but still let the civs more accurate.

Longbowmen could be trainable at Ranges as long as tweaking the stats. Since the Britons already have Halberdiers, which means they already own the decent capability against cavalry so it could still hold the balance when gaining the Billmen as Halberdier-like UU.

The Franks lack Thumb Ring, Bracer, and Ring Armor so even gaining the Arbalesters won’t encourage people to use archers.

The Gaels is an indeed more accurate name for representing medieval Irish and Scottish powers. The Celts sounds a bit more ancient to me, like a civ which should be in the AoE1.

Too much. Simply getting the Crossbowman upgrade is probably the most acceptable.
The Conquistadors is central to the civilization’s identity, and once changed, the civilization ceases to be itself.

The Mameluk is either a melee unit with short range and high bonuses, or a ranged unit with more range and lower bonuses. If it becomes a cav archer, it will obviously be the latter, as its range will get longer with the Bracer line, unless it is specially designed to be not affected by the Bracer line, then it could keep the shrot range and high bonuses, affected by Ballistics but countered by Skirmishers.

Whichever it will be, I feel like it’s going to be a just better version of Camel Archer, especially once its iconic high bonus gets lower. And it doesn’t need to be a camel ratha as long as it could work decently as one of the melee or ranged camel.

Another idea here is to make it a melee horse unit instead of a camel unit, and it will take -50% damage from mounted units instead of having high attack bonuses.

Why? Because the UU named Genoese Crossbowman?
I would rather rename the UU to Pavisier and give the UT Pavise a new name if so.

To some extent, the War Wagon already is.
In the text, the War Wagon’s reference is based on the saying that the Koreans mount fire arrow launchers on wagons to act as wagenburgs as their unique modification.

I remember that the Feudal Age SE Asian set is already said to be based on Thai architecture.

They obviously don’t need any better cavalry unit.
If it means cavalry archer unit, they already have fully upgraded CAs.

Please no.

Definitely better name is Lombardians.

Lombardian Kingdom map.

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  1. Lombardians - Northern Italy
  2. Romans - Central Italy
  3. Sicilians - Southern Italy

Genoese is somewhat High Middle Age. They had a lot of colonies and business across the Mediterranean. They were a distinct Empire in a very divided Italy. Spanish and Venetians were their business rivals.

I would like to see stuff like this. The introduction of the Legionary as an upgrade replacing THS and Champions shows the devs are aware of the need to make each civ more unique beyond their UUs.

Newer civilizations have different buildings too - Krepost, Caravanserai, Folwark…

Now I think it’s time to make those changes but to older civs. They could do it first in the campaigns, like they did in the Persians scenario, adding the Sogdian Cathaphract, then see if it’s convenient to add as a permanent feature for the civ.

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Civs which fought in the Crusades get the Crusader Knight.

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The monastery should look more like [https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/6/60/20191212_Wat_Xieng_Thong_temple-1.jpg/1920px-20191212_Wat_Xieng_Thong_temple-1.jpg]

As far as the Mounted Samurai, I’d at least like the scenario unit to change

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All civs getting their own monk and monastery skins based on region as originally concepted, especially the Byzantines.
Japanese getting ninjas
Byzantines getting flamethrower and perhaps Heavy Pikeman
Teutons getting Crusader Knights


The game used to be less detailed, hence the remnants like “Saracens”, which I hope will be divided into some smaller factions but more detailed. ,Slaves" when rightly Poles and Czechs appeared in the game should be reworked and renamed to Kievan Rus. I am a supporter of Culture Packs with new factions - America Dlc (With tribes like Zapotecs , Tarascans) , Africa Dlc , Asia Dlc , Europe Dlc or Dlc’s (For example with Swiss and Austrians).

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I have two very humble campaign requests.

The lone Jaguar Warrior in the Montezuma campaign gets renamed to Cuauhtemoc and has to survive scenario 5.

Templar and Hospitaller knights don’t get represented by Germans but by Franks. They can train Frankish Paladins or Crusader knights


I disagree, I think the devs made the correct move by not linking the empires in game to any particular nation and instead allowing themselves to include content from many different periods. For example the Franks not only get the great knights and professional armies of France, they also get the throwing axemen of the earlier Frankish tribes. Turks get the elite Horse archers and Light cav of the Seljuks and the gunpowder armies of the Ottomans. Persia not only gets the elite Cavalry and Elephants of the Sassinids, but also the Gunpowder of the Savavids.

It is a nuance I feel is missing in the more recent civs. The Burgundians in particular only take from their later incarnation as the duchy of Burgundy, while missing any representation of the Burgundian tribe or Kingdoms.


Eh, I don’t think the Heavy Pikeman is necessary for the Byzantines. I’d rather that go to another civ, specifically the Teutons, as both a replacement for the Halberdier and a reference towards the famous Swiss Pikemen. They did hire themselves out as mercenaries quite often…

It would also fit into their niche as the ultra heavy infantry civ by giving their premier trash unit more armor.

Flamethrower imo is fine though, maybe as a replacement to BBC?

I actually want Crusader Knights to be a European regional unit, specifically for Britons, Teutons, Franks, Spanish, Portuguese, Celts, Burgundians, Sicilians, and Italians. To prevent too much abuse, I’d make it more expensive to mass, something along the lines of the Centurion’s price range, but probably just beneath it by about +/- 25 resources. They would be a hefty investment, yes, but then again, they cannot be converted in game, which is powerful already, and historically crusading was an expensive venture, so it would check out. Not only would it make sense for each Catholic Christian civ to have it who participated in the Crusades, it would also solve the issue of who represented the holy orders, that being literally all of Catholic Christendom.

I fully support this request; It would be very nice for Cuauhtemoc to be the jaguar warrior, replaced with an actual hero unit, in order to synch the scenario with his narration better.

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Huns, Byzantines, Goths and Italians speaking their own languages. Ideally it would be Bulgar/Chuvash for Huns (closest surviving probable relative for Hunnic), Middle Greek, Gothic (it has a large surviving body of books like a translation of the Bible) and Genoese (The current Italian civs is already super duper heavily themed after specifically Genoa) respectively.

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