Holy Roman Empire - Gold Problem

I struggle with long games with Holy Roman Empire when the gold income is totally gone after all the mines is used up…
Is there no other way to gain gold other than mines with this faction? Is it like you should rush to finish the game quickly because after you run out of gold of become totally useless?

You can collect gold with merchants and relics.

One of the Castle Age Landmarks is the Regnitz Cathedral, and it can hold 3 relics. Each relic in that cathedral counts as 3… so if you can get all 3 relics in there, it counts as 9 relics! Rush that landmark and try to grab 3 relics asap and you’ll have one of the best sources of endgame gold in the entire civ lineup.


I honestly expected they would nerf that landmark down to 200% or something like that.
HRE eco is just off the charts so i am surprised to see this thread.

I don’t think grabbing 3 relics is all that easy, you still have to get to castle age before the monks can grab them. Other civs have plenty of “off the charts” eco too; like the English gold farms, Mongol silk road trade, French vill production and reduced building costs, etc. Like OP points out, if you don’t get that set up then you’re kinda hosed and have to rely on mines.

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trade? like, just trade with a neutral market or an ally?

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Well with “off the charts” i refer to the HRE eco as a whole and not just that landmark.

HRE for some reason have 40% increased carrying capacity which means less time is wasted on walking and of course Prelates exists.