Holy Roman Empire Mastery - Fleet of Foot (#5)


There is a completion bug with this mastery.
It requires 30 infantry to be built in Castle Age, that are upgraded with “Marching Drills”.

I have tried different orders of completion, like:

  1. Waiting to get to Castle Age before researching Marching Drills at Blacksmith, and then constructing 30x Spear Men at Barracks.

  2. As 1), but using unique barracks building for 400% faster construction time… still no achievement.

  3. I’ve also tried building 30 infantry and researching Marching Drills prior to Castle Age and then upgrading to Castle Age… nope.

  4. I’ve tried using the unique building to research Marching Drills within it, and then building infantry in Castle Age, and still nothing.

I’ve replayed this step over and over for hours now, and I’m very frustrated at the wording of some of these achievements. Are they designed to be purposefully vague to cause confusion and replay?

An IN GAME QUEST TRACKER would be very helpful. A floating transparent quest tracker to show ongoing progress.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Apologies you are running into this! I’ll take this feedback to the team—I definitely see how it can be read a bit more ambiguous than intended.

This is a great suggestion as well.

As for the problem at hand, I do know that producing infantry units (MAA, Spearmen, Archers, Crossbowmen) will only count if a player has researched the upgrade first. I’m not sure if Marching Drills has to be researched specifically from the Keep as suggested by the tooltip.

It sounds like you might have hit this series of events already, but the very explicit steps that should trigger this hopefully are:

  • Age up to Castle Age
  • Research Marching Drills from Keep
  • Produce 30 Infantry
  • Win match (or surrender)

You can probably get an easy completion on this if you play a Skirmish starting in the 3rd Age with 2 easy AIs (one on your team, so they fight each other and leave you alone hopefully). Construct a Keep, do the research, built a barracks, produce 30+ MAA units and then surrender.

Let me know how it goes! If it still isn’t triggering, could be a bug going on. I’ve not heard of any other reports yet, but I’ll keep my ear to the ground.

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Thanks SavageEmpire566 for the suggestions.

It prompted me to give it another shot, and NOT follow the tooltips (which I believe gives incorrect instructions).

Tool Tip for “Fleet of Foot” (when you hover over info button), specifically states “Research Marching Drills at Blacksmith”. This is not correct, and if followed will not result in the achievement being credited.

You MUST use the correct specialty/unique buildings on each Age upgrade.

Steps to complete the achievement:

  1. Select Meinwerk Palace as the first Age upgrade (a specialty blacksmith building).
  2. Select Burgrave Palace as the second Age upgrade (a specially barracks building).

Once finished, you are now at Castle Age, at this point:

  1. Research Marching Drills FROM MEINWERK PALACE (not from standard Blacksmith as directed in tool tip).
  2. Only after this research completes, then construct 30x Infantry (I just used Spearmen) FROM BURGRAVE PALACE (not from multiple standard Barracks).

Something needs to be corrected here- either allow the user to gain credit using standard buildings (as is suggested in the Tool Tips), or change the Tool Tips to specifically state specialty buildings are required (the later being the better option as it encourages new users to see just how good both those buildings are).

Thank you again for your quick assistance, its very much appreciated.
I hope the above helps anyone else in this and other quests (where its probable specialty/unique buildings are required).

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