Holy Roman Empire Tips and Food Gathering

Hi guys rightnow im playing with holy roman empire.I use only man at arms.I need some tips.Which man at arms mainly food heavy units.My question is what is the best way of gathering food throgh out the ages.

Age one
I gather from sheep near TC when it ends i go to deers

Age II
I Gather from deers if deers finished i go to boar

I always ending up 15-20 idle workers most of the time because other food resources far away from my base and i send i idle workers to gather wood for farms.And generally i lose games because i had no food for army and while i making farms enemy comes with 20-30 units and rams and i lost.

Please share your opinions and experince with me to improve my gameplay.And im open minded for general army compositions

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farm transition earlier around Aachan chapel while you still have other food sources so you don’t lose your whole food income when you run out of natural food sources. don’t worry so much about going far out of base to gather extra food if you don’t have the map control the walk time and raiding dangers is not always worth it.
It’s best to build your Aachan chapel on multiple resources like wood and gold or wood and deer.
It might be helpful to watch pro games and see how they do farm transitions.
Men-at-arms spam is really strong, but also use, spearmen, cavalry, archers and siege as the situation calls for it.
for an age 3 defensive battle spearmen+springald+mangonel under your tc or keep is a good comp.

Make sure your tc targets their archers or units. eject your garrisoned villagers to damage rams when enemy units fall back garrison them back in when the enemy units close in to kill them.

i build other landmark its more useful i think.Im bored if i copy pro players :smiley: .Thats why im 800 elo but its more fun explore yourself

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oh that is still okay having a lot of prelates to buff your economy then.
also meinwork isn’t terrible cheaper blacksmith upgrades can help with a timing push. and extra armor for spearmen and cavalry is pretty strong too.

Yes thats my strategy while i building landmark i take techs and rush enemy like 10-20 maa with +2 ranged armor.And their archers and tc dont do any damage at all :smiley:

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