Home City Cards

I like it feature of AoE3, the Home City Levels Up System Cards. This feature is not available in AoE4?


No, it is not available in AoE4, and for good reasons. AoE3 had to suffer exactly because of cards leveling up system you mention.
I know that some people might have enjoyed it, but generally it hurts an RTS quite a lot because it goes against its principles. Even AoE3 fans and advisors in the Council adviced against it.

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Maybe for the best… but very boring playing without cards!

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Ok, good luck to you then.

Le: since you edited your post. It might be boring to you, but fair to many others.

This was a thing in aoe3 because they wanted to make para-colonial experience, it worked out for such a game, but I didn’t see any reason to add IT here


that’s true. But this kinda tech tree structure allows you to play totally different using same civ

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We are the black sheep of Age of Empires by this system. I don’t even think they would consider it because it was never understood by the most orthodox. However apparently (apparently) open some mechanics similar to those of the politicians or wonders when advancing in age.

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Yea, it’s an interesting mechanic, but the play to unlock mechanic undermines its role in a strategy game. It would be akin to having to play 50 chess games as white to unlock the white rooks. This unlock mechanic alone is enough to get me to never touch AOEIII again.

In the AoE3DE they removed the lock cards. All cards are accessible from the start. Also there are the Asian and the American Civs with enormous different play style than the Europian Civs. Practically the differences are similar to Age of Mythology civs.

Before 2 years if you asked me, I would say that AoE2 is the best AoE game by far ( I didn’t play AoE3 although I had bought it ). If you ask me now, I will tell that AoE3DE is better than AoE2DE because it has more depth and parameters to take into consideration (my personal opinion obviously). You must try it in my opinion if you haven’t.


I’ve just started with AoE IV. Looks like it’s turned into a Total War variant. Very sad.