Home city models for the scenario editor

Pretty simple topic, they are not available currently.

The community has been getting pretty deep into the scenario editors since the screenshot contest (I know I am) so i’m wondering why the models for the home cities aren’t around yet.

Wouldn’t you guys like to make a cool scenario of french revolution in their own city?
Or pretty much use the cool buildings/citizens they have.


In reality, japanese and chinese and indians pedestrians (some) are in the editor. This is because the Asian Dynasties devs used them in the campaign cinematics so they were forced to import it but everything else is missing. Also they were smart (or lazy…) and they added them only in one pool of objects and not the pool where you usually select the items to add. I know Aoe3 had a tutorial to mod them yourself and insert them in the editor but you have to do them 1 by 1 and it isn’t certain that works in De…

I noticed that Ice Cream Vills don’t contain any african villagers, so i would guess that the reason they don’t add anything to it is simply because the devs are not touching the editor.

Love to have them, hate if i have to mod it myself :upside_down_face: