Honest question: does showing ranked elo at unranked lobbies really help with anything?

First of all, I like this addition a lot, it’s very welcomed and should definitely stay.

That being clarified: does having player ranked ratings shown at unranked lobbies helps with the problem it should solve when it have been asked to be added?

It bugs me because there will be no setting on the unranked lobby that will impact the ranked rating of a player. The elo being shown will surely help with the community demand of being able to set up games with more freedom (arabia 1v1 24/7, e.g.) and still engage in fair matches, as the players can filter their matchups against other players within the skill range they rather the most to match. But I can only see this happening with reasonable accuracy in the following weeks, near to its implementation.

Because, let’s say, a player play their handful of matches to get its rating and then proceed to only play unranked matches from there on, because they don’t like a lot the ranked map pool, they rather stick with playing arabia 1v1. Now the player has a reliable way to funnel who they will play with/against on their lobbies, but for how long will it be reliable? Past two months with the same elo rating, but constant play on unranked games, how meaningful will the player rate be to determine fair matchups?

That’s an age old question. Couldn’t you in HD play only unranked games since day one? you also could lose ELO on purpose to play “1v1 1400 noobs only” unranked games, bashing everyone and keeping you in the same elo spot.
But that would require way more work than writting “nah worry not fam, i’m a noob” in chat.

Yeah, smurfing and reverse boosting are surely a reality on HD, but since you can still tone your skill rating playing only on preferred maps the elo shown at lobbies there still puts up to somewhat reliable fair matchups.