Honest question to the AI Devs: Are you aware of AoE II's handicap system?

With all this buzz about the ridiculous decision to provide 2x gather rate to the hardest AI, I cannot help wonder about this: There’s AoE II, beloved by all, almost perfect in every way given the complexities, and above all, with a handicap system that allows to do exactly what your half-baked idea tries to do. Did the idea to port the handicap system from AoE II to IV not cross your minds? Like at all?

For those that don’t know, in AoE II one can give a player advantage of the other player, and one advantage is faster gather rate. I can’t remember for sure right now, but if I recall correctly, the faster gather rate is graduated. If the complexities of building a more competitive AI is currently overwhelming, handicapping like this is a great option! Please, consider this for a future release.




while as pointed out here you can use it with advanced game settings mod, its still a mod, not official ingame setting, also on handicap origin, it was invented by aoe3 back in 2005, aoe2 then got it ported in one of DE patches, and i’m happy it was as it was a very versatile setting, maybe it was in fact in AOM as well, but i don’t have a copy of that game to verify this

And there is a huge problem with this game and shitty team so call developers. As far as I like AoE IV, the amont of lacking features (already existing in AoE II, like the one said in title) make me think “devs” are stupid or want AoE IV to fall…

And before you start criticism me, think about it - just one example - how the game in 2022 couldnt have so basic features like an option to choose your color. And a lot of other problems. So this is true about Relics: or they consider us stupid and try to sell unfinished product, or they are stupid and dont see that their product is far away from being ready to sell.

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designing 2 civs per year in aoe4 is not the same as doing it in aoe2

he wasn’t talking about civs here, like at all, also the biggest civ difficulty is the unique arhitecture and deciding unique techs, unless they also decide to do a more unique unit roster (typically they more or less don’t), base tech tree is always identical so no work there and bonuses aren’t any harder here or in age 2

The way or works is you set the handicap somewhere between 100 and 200%.

It multiplies a bunch of things all at once, gather rate, building health, build time, unit bonus damage, etc…

It always multiplies all the things, you can’t pick just gather rate or anything like that.

Multiplier options are not relevant to Quick match system. The fewer the number of options (Easy-Intermediate-Hard-Hardest), the quicker one can match up in a game. If one increases the number of options with multipliers, it will take ages for a player to match up in a game.

Multiplier systems can be kept for skirmish and custom, but not for quick match.

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When you ask why prioritize this over that, there are multiple teams working on different stuff.
But when you ask why something hasn’t been done yet, there is suddenly only one person maintaining the game who has to prioritize other things.