Honfoglalas campaing kinda broken now?

As a golden boy i have almost get gold from all campains except honfoglalas. With the latest patch it becomes impossible to get gold, i tried so many times in so many ways but still the same. Did any of you guys know how to beat them in hard difficulty? I watched many streamers had achieved but all of them was with the old patches. And couldn’t see anyone has done it with the November patch.


What changed with the last patch? I achieved gold, but it happened months ago.

They atack like mad men when i just reached the castle age. I mean i tired either nomadic way or the standart way but nothing has changed. The red reaches the imp about 15-20 mins and spamming paladins when i only have a bunch of light cav and CA. I have managed to defeat yellow and orange once but this time green change diplomacy to enemy and attacked with the red it was my closest time to win but didn’t happened again. I am not pro player but also not that bad.

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Sugestion: raid moravia and then the avars( 3 vills on wood and 2 on gold and every new vills u get go to either wood stone or gold) when in castle make knights and hundreds of cav archers (prioritize husbandry bloodlines and bodkin), try setteling down near the avar tc as it is the perfect spot and boom on 4 tcs while defending with cav archers and knights( this is how i did it)

Moravia has 2 castles and 2 TC at the start and also towers. How did you manage to defeat them with out any sieges​:thinking:Maybe killing vills slowing them down a bit but it doesn’t work completely for me i have tried that. Maybe i am bad tho :grin:

The same happened to me, especially Bulgaria declaring war on me for no reason as I was desperatly trying to rebuild far from my original base (without building in theirs of course). Killing yellow and orange isn’t that hard but you can’t be too reckless because you don’t have much ressources and both red and green have way too much defenses for you so rushing them is a big no. I think I’m going to pass that one for now 11

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You dont need to kill the Castles.
And you can snipe all vills and then kill the TC with LightCav. I killed them first and it wasn’t too hard.
Then you just need to be prepared for the Bulgarians to become enemies at some point.

I have to agree though that this mission is pretty hard. Took me 3 tries (to be fair, I didn’t go full try hard and just restarted instead of fighting for survival as hard as I could) and I’m a 17xx 1v1 player - so it’s not a shame if you lose a few times when trying this mission.

Anyway: Cav Archers with as many upgrades as possible (and decent micro) are your best friend this mission. You also need 10-15 Light Cav, as the first attack be red will be mainly Skirms - and they are good enough at destorying buildings.


Ok thanks for tips i just wonder if it is doable or not i will try again soon

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I don’t know how more difficult it have become, but I remember that they rushed me pretty soon too, especially red.

I would suggest to raid yellow as soon as you can, concentrate on killing first all its vills on all 3 TC, then try to kill the TC too.
At the same time, try to raid orange too, concentrate on killing it vills and avoid their military as much as you can.

As for you early eco, try to spread your vills as much as you can, and gather a bit of everything, and put 2 on stone, to start piling it for castles.

Also wall the crossing on the rivers, it let you gain some time, and allow you to move your vills to safety.

Try to defeat first the yellow, then orange, then I moved all my vills between the old base of the orange and the green (leave them untouched until you are strong enough).
There there are several wood lines and stone, but most importantly hills, I turtle up, placed several castles on the hills and spammed a lot farms, and defend from red with castles and magyars hussars.

When you are confortble and stable enough, start gathering gold again (I stopped for a while after I researched the blacksmith upgrades and used mainly the market) start training HCA and trebs (or arbs if HCA are too costly).

Then use that deatball to kill either red or green, or both. I roughly did it this way, though it took me seven attempts to get it.

However remember, first try to snipe all yellow and orange vills, ignoring most of the rest (especially military and castles, and red and green completely).

Then castles to kill paladins and infantry and MH to kill siege and archers for when you are booming.

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Sometimes is because you enter its territory, I was able to not antagonize green until I was ready to take it on.

I was sure that it was those kinds of scenarios where you better not try to build in “allied” territory so I didn’t do it, and then at some point, after I built several buildings the green soldiers must have decided they didn’t want to watch me minding my own business anymore and it was over for me.

I didn’t even passed with military or vills, but maybe they added a timer after which they simply attack you.

Though I remember that in a second attempt, I tried to kill them instead of red, and since the were still neutral, I massed military and start mining their resources, though I’m not not sure if and which of those actions triggered them.

However castles and MH should work for them too.

Thx i have done it. Just needed to try hard. I was wondering if it is doable

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