Hope all friends could stays Patient and Calm

Now the update speed of Age of Empires 3 has slowed down, and the modification of individual content has partially caused some discussions, but I think I have seen a little hope from it, that is, developers are still trying to add game content, adjust the weight of different civilization characteristics to make the differences between different civilizations more clear.
I believe everyone can also see that a large number of current developers of Age of Empires 3 have been transferred away by the World’s Edge, so the update speed has been greatly reduced. In terms of balance, not only the standard bureau of 1VS1 must be considered, but also the treaty mode and team mode. Coupled with the asymmetry of Age of Empires 3, this adjustment itself is huge. Therefore, combining the above two points, I hope that all friends can have a little patience.
I think most players still hope that the game can continue to be updated and add more new content, especially the new DLC, but considering the the World’s Edge’s attitude of ignoring (or even burying) the marketing work of Age of Empires 3, The popularity of this game is always inferior to AOE2 and 4. This is probably also an important reason for the large number of developers to be transferred away.
The developers have provided us with too many surprises in the previous year, and it can be seen that they really love this game. I hope that everyone can maintain enough patience and goodwill towards them, don’t let the game become a psychological burden for us and them, maintain this enthusiasm for games and fun, continue to add more new content for Age of Empires 3, and Adjust the old content to make it more reasonable.
The above is just my humble opinion, and it is not exhaustive. If there is any abruptness, please forgive me.


Well I would not say the pace has really “slowed down” because updates are now much bigger.
They kinda switched from small monthly tweaks to major updated every season. The purpose is probably to concentrate their staff on one project or another every time, not having a small crew constantly maintaining each.
The update frequency for AOE2 has slowed down significantly as well. For AOE4 it’s always quite “slow” by AOE2/3’s standards.


Thanks for the tip, you took into account a perspective I hadn’t thought of.
Perhaps more is my personal feeling. According to the previous update rhythm, I think the sum of several months is much more than this time.

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Yeah there seems to be fewer content updates to the civs this time. But the last one is huge. Even larger than TWC or TAD did.

Also they kinda teased there are other new stuff in the March release like new maps, etc., other than the balance tweaks.

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Thank you for your explanation, very helpful

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At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to diminish AoE 2 & 3 popularity so that people would be forced to move to AoE 4. AoE 4 has everything at its disposal yet it’s still a boring and subpar game for me that it’s worth is only measured with its competitive gameplay which I don’t play. AoE 4 honestly feels lifeless for me, sacrificing everything for the sake of simplicity, readability, and ease of playability.


I love your mods. Make more mods or updates to your mods daddy

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Probably they are also working on AOM DE.
The thing is, eventually, content has to slow down, you can’t put content up forever. At this point, I think the game needs to go into a polishing phase before new stuff can be added.

Tilanus stated in discord recently that they are now working on “that other game” which is probably AoEIV so unless they can pull a rabbit out of their hat DLC is very unlikely for the foreseeable future. They’ve managed to surprise us before though…I still cling to a sliver of hopuim that the spring update comes alongside a new civ.

But If this a now a permanent redirection of OUR devs then KoTM was the grand finale.

Not happy about this at all. That being said I don’t think 3DE is being abandoned, not yet at any rate.

I can see a scenario where the devs spend the majority of the year on AoEIV but takes breaks for 3DE.

I suspect we’ll know what the future holds when the patch comes out. First thing I’m gonna do is scroll right down to “What’s on the horizon”


Actually I’d bet that the 3DE team is probably involved in the Age of Mythology: Retold project, as Aoe3 and AoM ran on the same engine so 3DE team is probably the most familiar with mechanics and technicality.


My reasoning behind AoEIV is simply that it is in desperate need of content and Relic is too slow to deliver the goods. How long did it take them to add color picker? And now they have their hands full trying to fix CoH3 which oddly enough released with the same issues AoEIV has. While we don’t have 100% confirmation some suspect the 3DE team had a heavy hand in Ottomans and Malians which were met with much positivity for being unique while the 3DE stamp was all over them. Just don’t say that part out loud. K thanks. :slight_smile:

And we’ve known for a while FE not only has helped out on AoEIV but has been hiring for it also.

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