Hope the authorities can disclose some information about DLC

The game has been on sale for almost a year, but there is no news about DLC. I hope the official will at least tell us whether the production has started? :roll_eyes:


There is a trend on DLCs
first AOE2 had the indian DLC
AOE3 the italian DLC

and now its AOE 4 turn

So I bet its going to come with the mid-late July patch


I and all age fans who truly care about AoE4 are hoping for that. Maybe that’s why it sounds overly optimistic…

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Hopefully see a new road map after the new update to see what there planning

Hope the next road map include the DLC

Acording to the last roadmap the next one should be in july.

  • I would like a new DLC (new civs) as well but i also want the Delhi and Abbasid campaigns.

Hopefully we will soon get information about DLC. It is much needed.