Hope to change some card names to be more historical

First, let’s talk about some cards about the Chinese that are inconsistent with history。
hc_bei_ying_army Beiyang ARMY : ships 8steppe riders,8 keshiks,and upgrades this.
This card is for the army of two Mongolian grasslands, but why is it named Beiyang Army? This is a very obvious mistake.
So what is the Beiyang Army? They are the Beiyang Army in the late Qing Dynasty, also known as the Beiyang New Army and the Beiyang Government Army. They were the national defense forces from the late Qing Dynasty to the early Republic of China. It originated from the new army compiled and trained by Yuan Shikai in the Qing Dynasty after the Sino-Japanese War, and was the first modernized army in China.

Obviously this is not in line with the setting in the game, sending two cavalry units, so I hope this card can be renamed Eight Banners Mongolian Army(The Eight Banners System is a military and production system established by the Manchus, Han, and Mongolians in the Qing Dynasty.)


The second card about the Chinese army Ever Victory Army: ships 8iron Flais and 3Flying crows.

So what’s wrong with the name?
“Ever Victorious Army” (Chinese: 常盛军 cháng shèng jūn) was the name given to a small imperial army that fought rebels in late-19th-century China. It was directed and trained by Europeans. The Ever Victorious Army fought for the Qing Dynasty against the rebels of the Nian and Taiping Rebellions.

Though the Army was only active for a few years, from 1860 to 1864, it was instrumental in putting down the Taiping Rebellion. It was the first Chinese army which was trained in European techniques, tactics, and strategy. As such, it became a model for later Chinese armies.
Obviously, this victorious army is an army composed of Europeans and recruited Chinese soldiers, and is equipped with a large number of advanced weapons, but this is obviously not the case in the game, and the unit replaced by the consulate may be more suitable for this name.
My suggestion is to change the name of this card to: Eight Banners Manchuria, because this is the most luxurious configuration of China in the game, 3 flying crows and 8 meat shield cavalry, equivalent to the best equipped Manchus in the history of the Eight Banners system. I think it would be better。

The same third card: Emperors army
ships 22 Arquebusiers and Hand Mortars.

The description of this card directly means the emperor’s army. Should the emperor’s army have the best equipment to protect the emperor? But in the game, Arquebusiers and Hand Mortars are not the strongest units of the Chinese, on the contrary they are very versatile, even the cannon fodder in every game. So I don’t think they deserve a noble name like the Emperor’s Army. My suggestion is to change the name to Eight Banners Han Army. They are the lowest in the Eight Banners system, and they do the hardest and most tiring things every time they fight, and the credit must be given to the Manchus and Mongolians. Really want a battlefield cannon fodder. lol




I quite agree with these changes.
The original name felt more like Asian dynasty developers googling a few names and randomly assigning them to the game. Obviously the name you came up with is much more apt.




Dont agree with the last point you make.

Emperors army does not mean emperors body guard. The Kaiserliche Armee is the army of the Holy Roman Empire and is literally translated as the same, it didnt consist of the best of the best as thats not the point, the point is that its an army of the emperor.

Also for the second point, I would say with the units the Chinese have, the flying crow is pretty advanced, similar to the British rockets. But I guess a rename can never hurt.

Regarding the Emperor’s Army, I’ve thought of a better name these days: Green Standard Army. They were the main force of the Qing Dynasty composed of Han Chinese, but their equipment was not very good. Also often cannon fodder in war. In general, the Qing Dynasty fought first to let the Green Standard Army
To attack, platoon the Eight Banners troops to harvest

These two pictures just correspond to the arquebusier and Hand Mortar in the game
It just so happens that the color of this card in the game is also green.lol

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This is a new image of the arquebusier made by my friend, which is more in line with the historical image. There are also Chinese characters (兵)on the chest to represent that he belongs to the Green Standard Army soldier.