Horseman Needs Rework! Am i the only one who feels like horsemans are not that effective against range units, especially long bowman kiting? They should have atleast stun on charge ability against range units or maybe give them auto target range units

The big issue against range units in general is that pathing prevents all the horseman from getting their attacks, off, meanwhile all of the archers are constantly attacking them. That is why people prefer knights over horseman and in late game imperial/castle, no one uses horseman.

Maybe give them auto target range units ability or give them stun on charge ability?


Well, they should atleast have half the amount of longbowman? If you have like 10 longbowman vs horsemen, well, horsemen will lose, especially against zhuge nu.

Horsemen don’t need rework. In Reddit, the community gave you the reasons.

I think horsemen and their variants are some of the best units in the game.

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Nop, horsemen are fine after the ranged armor update waaaaay long ago.

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Maybe you right click at the enemy unit, and not a-move?