Horsemen and Chat

regarding Horsemen, yesterday I spent 2 hours playing with Abbasid and this guy who was playing Rome kept sending archers and grenadiers (never seen them before it was so crazy haha) that I couldnt counter with anything, ANYTHING no matter how Horsemen or Camels I sent in bunches. It was beyond frustrating… (of course I lost like every single match since treaty mode was removed haha)

Another thing is, has anyone experienced this feeling of being lonely even in team games??? I mean, you are supposed to talk to your teammates about a strategy at least? or maybe when they are rushing and clearing you off ask for help maybe? And they wouldn’t answer no matter what?? Not even in the “All” chat, nobody answers because they are just careless and disrespectful or is it just a failure? How do you win a team game if they won’t even say hi to you at the beginning?

The first issue is: you played 1v2, since a Holy Roman Empires player got no grenadiers, those are chinese units.

But in general, archers + grenadiers would be perfectly countered with mangonals. As a meat shield knights or man at arms should be just fine then, important is just the siege you need to use against this.

it was 2v2 but as i was saying… it was basically 1vs2 since my ally wouldnt even say hi. ooh ok chinese then. ill try focusing more on siege for my next matches.

Thank you so much!

From my experience playing teams is much better when you are with friends. Otherwise I would just rather play 1v1.

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you are so right… ill try 1vs1 maybe i have more chances of winning…

Not just that, sometimes you may make some friends in game too on 1v1 and you can play team with them later

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I think one of your bigger problems is counters. Horseman are pretty good against archers, but will get shredded by grenadiers. And camels are really just a counter for cavalry, or for buffing your own infantry with the right techs. But theyre much too expensive and ineffective to be used as a counter to mass archers, let alone grenadiers. Generally the best counters for mass archers and grenadiers is Mangonels, with something durable in front to keep them alive, like Man-At-Arms or knights or something.

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nobody answers because they are just careless and disrespectful or is it just a failure?

They are not disrespectful, and it’s not a failure - you playing international online game. Someone doesn’t know english that good to talk with you, let alone discuss strategy. Someone that busy with game process, so can’t get distracted to chat.
They, maybe, would talk to you, if there were voice chat, but it’s not (and not needed imho)

Hi there, I know, voice chat is not needed, but its a team strategy game, how can you win without even knowing who you are playing with? and how good/bad that person is?? I speak 5 languages and I am very open to try to understand people if they at least tried to talk.
“Very busy with the game process”…??? really??? Im talking about matches when this people you allege as “very busy” lose in 15-20 minutes so maybe for the future they could try to focus on playing as team instead of being “very busy” developing strategies that lead them to the same very same result: defeat to pros.

But it’s can be very beginning of their playing at RTS - they just gets lost when try to figure out of how to play this game, event if they spent 50hrs playing this. If they lose in 15-20 minutes, quite possible, that they can’t understand how to manage their civ, and chat is one more disturbing fact, which gets less attention, than other points. At least I’ve played 40hrs, and still get lost, when there is something unexpected happens on the map. Despite the fact that I have played games of this genre before.

The best solution for you - find peoples that understand the importance of communications, and play together :slight_smile:
Otherwise every time you will get frustrate instead of joy

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They are probably busy massing elite fire lancers to delete landmarks without a care for anything else. :joy: