Horsemen Buff

Horsemen really need bonus damage against villagers.
They are completely useless when it comes to raiding!


Hmmm 2 Horsemen at base dmg will kill a 50 hp vil in 3.24 seconds? More importantly is if you have say 3 to 4 you can push a whole woodline of villagers to run away even if you kill zero. IMO they are currently efficient at raiding early.


That’s one of the problems they have, they are too good at raiding, someone must almost always stop the production and run for cover when cavalry makes it to the base. Especially if there’s trade too and they are in the backline.

I have never seen a good raid using horsemen.
They just die to TC. It a totally useless and if the player pulls villagers horsemen take ages to kill a single villager.

Looks like a casual player with 900 elo players forgot villagers on a gold mine.
Oh, how in the hell 2 horsemen can kill a villager in 3.24 seconds in an early game? tell me how?
that is more like elite horsemen.

I don’t know why so many players with 100-900 elo type comment like they know everything…

lol the fact that u don’t know is probably indication who is the 900 elo player?

horseman has 9 base attack with a recast of 1.62s; so lets take 2 of them for 18 base dmg against 1 vil of 50 hp.

first strike happens at 0 seconds:
ONE: 50-18= 32 hp remaining
1.62s later
TWO: 32-18= 14 hp remaining
1.62s later
THREE: 14-18 = dead vil

tadaa!!! 3.24s!!

Now in actuality there are a few things that would nominally happen in standard game. For one the horseman would not strike at the same time; secondly horseman have a slight wide-up animation before each attack; thirdly the villager (if the opponent is aware) will be running for its life!!! so each attack will NOT be exactly 1.62s apart. Lastly because of formation catch up speed the enemy can force his straggling villager to sprint even faster away from raids (so if your target was one of the vils in the back of the formation you’ll likely have hard time killing it).

Overall the ideal is 3.24 sec is IF someone ISN’T paying attention while you wack at 1 vil with 2 horsemen.

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OMG, again…

You just denied your math…
Thanks for your honesty!
You saved a lot of time!
The above 3.24sec villager kills using 2 horsemen doesn’t happen in high elo games considering all these factors.

I think horsemen are good as they are. Excellent vs archers and vs sieges. Good in raid buildings. Are fast and cheap. I think they don’t need a buff vs vills, just 4 of them are enough for shutdown a resource line and make an economic advatage

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Well you’ve got a point in terms of strategy, nobody would let villagers fight a horseman or plain ignore it, they usually come in packs of 5-10 and one or two villagers will die and the production line is disrupted if not defended.

Villagers deal very low damage and defending them requires either towers or spearmen. Thing is, I’ve done a couple of tests with normal horsemen to see how disruptive they are after seeing the thread. Crossbowmen and spearmen cannot keep up with 2 divisions, they have to be split and you can use the cavalry charge to boost up the speed. You need 4 spearmen to strike in feudal age at the same time to kill one horseman. All the while, the town center barely does damage, a keep is requires to keep the horsemen from hurting your villagers entirely.

During the test it took the enemy 3 minutes to run around the base and inside the base to kill all my horsemen (16 team 1, 10 team 2) with crossbowmen and a castle.

It would be better to have the horsemen evolve in knights through upgrades in castle age rather than have them so early, it’s really exploitable, some opponents surrender when they see 20 horsemen early biting at their bowmen or ignoring spearmen altogether.

The town center is not strong enough to dispatch of a full hoard of 10-15 horsemen too fast, it takes time and they can just sit idle by the town center, if you continue to make from 2-3 stables, you’re overruning the entire base at some point if you combine some archers too.

Clip from N4C a few days ago between ML and Beasty; pay attention to the time it takes for the 2 villagers to die AND pay attention to the actual number of units that hit the first villager that dies. Lastly take note at what time that first villager dies (about 4 sec after it all started)

I think it’s a given N4C has some of the BEST players playing? And look here we have one of the best players getting raided and losing villagers to said raid by horsemen.

So according to your video 7 horsemen took 8 seconds to barely kill a villager…
The more you post, the more you are proving my point!

This is not for you to understand. I accept the reality.

Oh wow, the scout blocked the horsemen from dealing damage during the charge. It took 8 seconds for a scout and a horseman to kill 1 villager, and 2 other horsemen to kill another one. And wtf was that ballet the horsemen did around the villagers to reposition through the them lmao.

The engagement started at 9:31(game time); first villager dies at 9:36(game time); and never more than 2 horsemen got to hit a villager at any given time; the 2nd villager dies at 9:39 (game time).

so correction with the body blocking of the scout, bad pathing around the gold mine, AND beasty almost instantly reacting, effectively 2 horsemen killed 1 villager in 5 sec then another within in 8 seconds; also effectively split his attention away from the main army fight and requires beasty(the English player) to now defend the gold.

The OP said Horsemen raids were useless??

then the same poster said

I did responded with how technically it only takes 3.24s to kill a 50 hp villager; then went in further to preface in what condition a 3.24s kill could be achieved and finally proffered the (IMO) nominal expectation on a horseman raid at decent to high level…

Then the Original poster says this to move his goalpost…

Clearly buddy doesn’t understand… it is a game FACT that horseman in feudal have a base damage of 9 melee attack and 1.62s delay between subsequent attacks which means 2 horsemen (18 damage) swing 3 times each will kill a villager? Oh he then mention that clearly this only happens to low elo players… so then I clipped the N4C tournament ML vs Beasty and rather then admit that horsemen raid are NOT completely useless, or at least properly inspect the video and see 6 horsemen and 1 scout where the scout counterproductively STOPs the horsemen from attacking the villagers YET the 6 horsemen 1 scout kill 2 villagers inside of 8 seconds WHILE the villagers weren’t just sitting there unattended…rather than succumb to the reality…he dives deeper into his delusion… It’s not for him to understand.


So the raid costs about 700 food and 140 wood. (7 horsemen)
It took 8 seconds to kill 2 villagers which were completely open without any spearmen around them.
The horsemen raided charging and took 8 seconds to kill 2 villagers. The risk is high here and the positioning of the opponent was poor. Completely poor. Single spearmen could have killed 1 horseman and it would cost the same for the opponent who lost 2 villagers. If there are at least 3 spearmen, then the horsemen cant do anything.

This is why horsemen raiding is bad at raiding. And your 3.24 sec is achieved by 7 horsemen that took 5 seconds to kill 1st villager and 8sec to kill the second one. Is not a good one. This is just the opponent’s poor micro and positioning of its units.


please post your elo so we might take you seriously since you have allegedly constructive criticism to give BeastyQT, a pro player playing current tournament, how to properly defend against raids…

Talk about comical… I bet you don’t even understand why ML had a scout amongst his SIX horsemen?

1st you said 2 horsemen would kill a villager in 3.24 seconds, now you claiming 7 horsemen killed a villager in 5 seconds, and then the 2 nd in 8 seconds like an amazing result which makes the horsemen effective… LOL, what a JOKE!

Your constructive criticism = Nonsense!

I hope everyone read this post so they can know never to take you seriously. You can’t even understand what you read? Or maybe you didn’t even read it?

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WOW, you don’t have consistency and call it constructive criticism…
What nonsense. you really need to learn a lot about the game and or maybe you are so annoyed with horsemen and don’t know to pull villagers back so you just trying to troll here. To prove your lie by saying it 1000 times.

like I said you can’t even understand what you read…

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You don’t need to kill vills, just to force them out of the resources and create some idle time.

Also, like every unit in the game, horsemen works better in tandem with some other units, like archers.

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