Horticulture is only 10%

Hi I’m doing some empirical testing on food collection rates. I’ve tested both Mongol sheep and Delhi farms, and the first food collection upgrade Horticulture says to expect a 15% increase, but seems to provide only 10%.

For what it’s worth, the Mongols “Horticulture (Improved)” tech that says it will provide a 15% increase actually does.

Did u factor walking time ???

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Mongol sheep can be microed to have no walking time. They do still have a drop-off animation, but I think it’s negligible compared to the missing 5%.

May be it’s significant

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I want to update that I don’t believe this is a bug, just a misleading tooltip. I just reran my test using wheelbarrow+ yam aura Mongol vills on sheep that were already broken by the khan underneath the wing of the TC (so the absolute best case scenario), and found that horticulture gave a 13% improvement to collection rate. So it seems just the drop off animation is enough of a delay to cut into these upgrades efficacy.

If there’s a meaningful amount of walking time, the eco upgrades are going to be performing a lot worse than one might hope, but I no longer think it’s a bug as such.

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