Hotfix 5208 is good but

Their are few things that need to be fixed soon .

  1. able to see players deck in causal games .

  2. Please please get some wood source for Inca/Aztec/irq/Lakota late game or make their units cost gold instead of wood . It just unfair to play late game with them .they have no relaible counter to skirmishers . As their skirmishers counter units all cost wood (Except for Lakota , but teepee cost wood for them ) . It looks like. A flaw in civ design to give them unfair disadvantage , it they lack control over wood/or wood is out from map . They just automatically loose . They can’t do anything . They all are the bottom most civs in treaty along with India.

  3. Allow japanese player to train 88 cows in age5 . In long games u can’t be dependent on hunts for ur shirne.

And in treaty most people are not wise enough to help japanese teammates with herds .

  1. Indian infantry train time so bad late game that it’s just impossible to play them late game/treaty .

  2. Incan units cost too much wood and their bowmen
    and other units just too weak to make Inca play kate game . Currently Inca are the worst treaty civ . It’s just impossible to play them in treaty . If ur starting army push fail , u just can’t do anything . Also base kallanka count is too low to mass produce units from them in intense fight in treaty . U can’t sustain from kallanka production unless u take increase kallanka count card .

May be in trade kallanka number and reduce the amount they can garrasion ??


  1. Can we have hotkey or something tribute or market exchange faster ? Like 5k-10k at one time ? Specially for late game treaty . Currently u can’t do that without using some Marco software.

  2. When u make new deck , typing cursur don’t automatically comes on deck name section . U have to manually click it their . It’s not a big deal . But slight annoying as I and many work on computer and habitually of typing cursor to automatically shift to new typing area . And u don’t have any other option but to type name first when h make a new deck . So it’s good of it automatically shift cursur their .

  3. So many annoying expired games stucking in browser window and many fail to join error , “like map doesn’t match with host” when they r using standard maps . Also many times when u join a game , u can’t see 3/4 players including u , u can’t see some slots and , sometimes u can type in room but neither u can see other player nor they can see u .

  4. Please fix buggy room slots .

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Needed, its fun also.

India has an, infinite wood shipment of 1300 and Indian 90% units cost food+gold, except vills,mohout,rajputs and Seige Elephant. and these are all units u wont be massing alot in late game, thnx to their purpose and pop cost. with India u will end up with almost 30-50k wood till 40 min(depending on map) and that is more than enough to spam rajputs or make 5-10 mohouts/seige ele whenever needed. and the wood trickles help with it too, although they aren’'t a factory, so you have to keep ur wood always in check in late treaty games as India

IMO age 4 is fine too! as Sioux, can make walls in age 4 also.

Though its not Impossible to play India in treaty, but Totally agree infantry train time needs a late gamve boost, if possible, although cav train time is now way better than legacy.

I was talking about India being one of the worst civ in treaty , as they have bad infantry training time and they can’t keep up with other civ in keeping units number on feild . Wood is slight problem with India with uktralate treaty game , that actually very rare . Over all just fixing infantry training time will make then decent . Cav training time are decent for them but not as fantastic as European civ .

But it’s simply impossible to play India vs equally skilled player . May be vs some noobs , u can play , but vs equal or near equal player , it’s simply impossible .

yea its very to being descent but misses it by a small margin it needs a 15% more push, somehow.

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May be a card or tech. Or age up bonus

Indian Card choices are already way too many! cant afford a new card to increase train speed, maybe the usual fencing card can be improved but that will be inconsistent with others, an upgrade from the Temple is the only possible way. or maybe adding it with dravidian martial art card so it increases hand attack and also the train speed

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Who ask to add new card , just add train faster to
Any standard existing card . Dravidian martial art is a good candidate

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Yep! its a great card, that feels missing something, and faster inf training can be it

It’s good minus the fact that it’s literally unplayable.

Also a much needed improvement , allowing player to rejoin the game . Becoz many team games just ends becoz one player got game crashed . Which is just unfair .