Hotkey and Game Mechanics suggestions - "Go to selected object" -> Loop through buildings

I just wanted to work out a new Hotkey Profile and thought, I don’t really need a “Go to Barracks” hotkey, if I have a “Select all Barracks” hotkey and a “Go to selected object” Hotkey. Usually I don’t want to jump to production buildings and if I do, I can just click space to get there.
The Problem is: If I have 3 Barracks, I will just jump to one of them and clicking space repeatedly doesn’t do anything. I think it would be very useful to let you loop through selected buildings using the “go to selected object” hotkey (just for buildings, not units).

This way (if you choose), you can only use “Select all” Hotkeys instead of “Go to” Hotkeys, but still have the option to loop through buildings, if you need. ->Much more space on the keyboard for other things

Other Suggestions:
-Make Units using “Attack Move” ignore Buildings. There would still be patrol, which stays unchanged, but then Attack Move and Patrol would be more different and it’s annoying when Units attack a lumbercamp just because they can’t yet see the enemy units you sent them to attack.
-Give the option to let units attack move out of buildings, so that when enemy units are around, they don’t run around and get killed before they do anything. (Like being able to switch between offensive or defensive stance upon creation)(would only work if attack move ignored buildings, so they reliably reach their gatherpoint)
-Make the “Alt” key the hotkey for selecting anything in the second row. Like it’s used to attack units behind buildings, it could be used to chop trees behind other trees or e.g. select a palisade behind a castle.

I think those changes would give the players more options, without getting in the way of the usual way of playing, for anyone who doesn’t want to use it.
More thoughts? :wink:


That’s op 1111111111


I mean, it’s a fundamental game mechanic that your builders behind the foundation can’t be target fired or patrolled. Well, if your base spawned in the north, that is 11

Imagine playing feudal age, were both player have even capabilities of clicking units behind foundations, independend wether you spawned north or south. That would be so odd.


Jokes aside, this could be a thing. I also wondered this myself.

Ignoring buildings on a patrol move is a different topic, it is really debatable if it doesn’t brake things from midgame on, were raids come in. Mongols scouts and Franks knights already give a huge advantage, because they seek out the next non-building target much better.

If the base is spawned in the north 1111
Well, I’d think the “ignore buildings” wouldn’t break anything, as your units already do that when there are enemy units around. What it would change would be, that they don’t attack farms when you “long distance attack move” them ^^

But yeah, my main insterest would be the “looping”, because I’m running out of keys for which I don’t have to move my hand 11

I can see the potential downside here, but after seeing high level tournament games swung by a bunch of CA firing on a mining camp and countless times my own units decide an abandoned house is more important than supporting the front lines, I would welcome this change.

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Making the units be able to ignore buildings is really dangerous thing especially in raid or even any normal attack, it is also will remove the skill that make the player control his units well, so all you just to do is just send an army to whatever and they will do everything without for example waisting time while attacking a house. In general the units already attack other units in the battlefield before starting to attack buildings, so I wonder what exactly do you mean or what do you want?!

So first of all, when there are units around buildings (that your unit can see) they already ignore buildings, so it wouldn’t make micro in a fight easier in any way, therefore also not remove the skill aspekt.
What I want is, for example, that when you fight in your opponents village, and you attack move your reinforcements in to join the fight, they won’t attack a random palisade just because the enemy units are just out of their vision.
I do see the raiding aspect though. In certain circumstances, it might make raiding easier. I could still see it working out, since it wouldn’t make a huge difference (sending Hussars to a woodline or Mill already makes them attack the villagers, just a bit less efficient) and micro would still greatly improve raids.

I give you and example:
Your enemy has 2 ranges in front of his base, and xbow behind it. The enemy can eject the archers into his base and patrol there. If you want to patrol in with your own archers, you will patrol into the range. So you need to target fire or come close first. But depending on the numbers patrolling is vastly superior. So the enemy has a defenders advantage. Same if you are about to enter his base. The enemy can just patrol outside and he will patrol directly into your archers.

Happens a lot on arabia flanks.

Over and over I see “remove the skill” on things that are really “remove the senseless busywork”. The purpose of attack move with non-siege units is generally “Walk that way and fight enemy units.” It should DO its purpose. Just because we have improved upon some skill of working around a mechanic that does not do its purpose, does not mean that fixing the mechanic to perform its purpose is removing a valuable skill. It was only valuable, because the mechanic was dysfunctional in the first place.

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