Hotkey Feedback

Hi developers. Long time age of empires player here with some small feedback. Would love to see the stand ground hotkey work similar/the same as in AOE II. At the moment it also causes units to stop. I think there should be two separate hotkeys for this (one for stop, one for stand ground so they do not automatically chase enemy units).

Also, unlike others I love the grid system of hotkeys. However I do think there should be the option to fully customise key bindings.

Another idea would be to add a second layout similar to AOE II → military and economic building grids.

What do players think?

Can’t wait for the release!


I like the hotkey grid layout the more I use it. But I definitely want as much customization as possible available and some additional hotkeys that are currently missing.

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Age of Noob (@Oestrichh) published this today, and it gives a good view of the trouble with hotkeys from an AoE2 player’s perspective. As an AoEO/AoM player, I have even more problems than his.


I’m more of a fan of AoE3 hotkey system, where you don’t even have to press an initial key for a building cathegory, you just press 1 single hotkey for every building.

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Yes, my muscle memory would revolt long before accepting a mandate to press two different keys before building one single building. I have way too many hours into the post-aoe2 games to suffer that gladly. Good day, sir, I said good day.


That’s right - some games like Red Alert as well have that system - but that’s just another reason why we should have full customization so you can have zero initial keys, I have 2, and some random bloke has 4. Win-win-win.

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Agree with all of these posts! Would be a real shame if there was no full customization.

Another thinkg I forgot to add: we need hotkeys that take you to each building (like control+m for market as in AOE II, etc.)