Hotkey for finding multiple town centers?

I thought there was a key that would cycle you through your town centers?

All I kind find is ‘Find Town Center’ and that only finds whichever TC you have designed for shipments.

Anyone know of a way to find more than one TC?

All comments welcome.

default is T to cycle town centers, there’s also a bind to select all town centers

T is build dock.

F1 is default for find Town Center. I don’t find a ‘find all town centers’ anywhere.

ah i automatically looked at legacy keys, correct yes
i’ll help
find all town centers is in find unit hotkeys category, you just have to scroll till near the bottom

I know the grid system for hotkeys is easier to learn, but I highly recommend using the legacy system instead. The grid system lacks quite a number of hotkeys that the legacy system has.

we need a full list of those btw
also i only use grid because it lets me hotkey techonologies outside of capitol and market

I set up my hotkey system quite long ago, and comparing the two systems again now it looks like things I thought were left out of the grid system are actually there. I don’t know if they were always there and I just didn’t see them or if they were added since I last checked. I can’t remember exactly which ones made me choose the legacy system back then, but it was some things I was not willing to play without, like Select All Idle Villagers or Select All of Unit Type. I’d still choose legacy over grid now because my hotkeys for training units are more or less standardised across all civs so that all Musketeers (for example) are always trained with the same key. This among other things, but if not for that, the I think the grid system is much more user friendly for people who don’t have an existing system yet.

Sometimes the ‘F1 to go to next towncenter’ works and sometime it doesn’t - it just goes to the first TC (or whichever one you’ve designated as ‘receive shipments’.

What happens if you press the hotkey repeatedly? For the legacy system pressing the key repeatedly cycles through all the TCs, starting with the oldest one on the map.

Sometimes it goes to one TC and sometimes it cycles through them.

Hm, that is very annoying. I have also experienced a similar issue with some other buildings, but never with TCs that I can remember.