Hotkey help

Sooo, after the update today the explorer’s UI hotkey for the crackshot went from good ol’ A to Z… which is really confusing for me as my attack move hotkey is Z. I like to group my explorer with my units but now whenever I want to Z attack move it just tries to crapshoot, very annoying. Anyone have an idea how to fix? Thanks.


It can’t just be changed from z to another key?

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Well yeah but Z is the best hotkey for attack move:P

I mean change the crackshot hotkey back to A.

Now I understand what you mean because I am the one with the Spanish mirror in ranked, You can also use the alt key any key other than z and it works the same

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As far as I know there is not a way to change the grid hotkeys for a single unit (ie explorer)

I also find it a bit annoying. When I try to build shrines with the Japanese explorer I end up putting him in melee instead.

I could probably get used to it but I could see how it would be very annoying if that is your attack move key. Personally I like using space for attack move.


Hi all!

This change is intended. Our team wanted to make the stance hotkeys to be consistent throughout all units.