Hotkey Improvement & Additions

I have spent numerous hours of trying to perfect my hotkeys to improve the efficiency of my micro & macro (more time than actually playing the game lol…) and I have some suggestions:

  1. Have an option for ‘Cycle through Scouts’ hotkey to be able to Select AND Focus with one key. Setting the ‘Cycle through Scouts’ and “Focus on Unit” unfortunately does not achieve this. Same thing would be great with religious units :slight_smile: --EDIT: solved, see comment below

  2. Add Control + Right Click as an option for the “Attack Move” command (the right click would issue the command, and would need to be integrated with other right click functionality such as formation direction). Having to click twice for this is extremely annoying when every second counts in micro’ing. This is my most wanted request please please do this!! Empire Earth (2001) did this and I promise it is far far superior than A + Left click. A +Left Click is such a MOBA choice that really doesn’t fit with the fast pace that micro requires.

  3. Add hotkey for “Select All Military Units on Screen”, and another one for “Select All Villagers on Screen”

  4. Fix Cancel construction hotkey to be remappable (I already saw a bug report on this, so I assume you guys are on it!)

  5. For English landmarks & castles make it so “Select All Keeps” also selects landmarks with the same production capabilities. Or, at least make it so while a keep and a landmark is selected they can produce units together as multiple barracks would.

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the solution for your point 1, is to separate units of buildings in the option of selecting and centering or only selecting

I wish I could read properly which hotkeys are assigned to which keys.

In my screen I can only see “Control+…”.

Since the update that removed monks from military units I can no longer find my monks lol.

BTW… Any hotkeys suggestion? I have been thinking to improve my hotkeys but I don’t kniw which keys assign to which combinaton.

You might want to check your screen resolution of your monitor matches your in-game resolution. If you have duplicate monitors of differing sizes the game won’t necessarily default to the one you want it on.

You can also check the "User/MyDocuments/MyGames/AOE4/KeyBindingProfiles to see all the hotkeys.

For monks there is a separate hotkey now for cycling through monks. My trick to select them all at once is changing the hotkeys as follows:
-Cycle Religious Unit: “Control + 5”
-Add Units to Control Group 5: “Control + 5”
-Select and/or Focus on Control Group 5: “5”

This way you can just hold down Control +5 until all priest are selected. I also do this with villagers but it’s slightly more nuanced because I remove them from the control group at the same time as I selected them.

I am still testing this hotkey layout but here is mine. Let me know what you think! It is completely different than the default setup and will probably seem very strange at first, but I have tried to use the idea of MOST (Maynard operation sequence technique, yes I am an engineer, lol) to optimize the hand motions.

Wooahhh how did I notice see this before haha…thanks!

One more thing to request:

Please add a “focus on military attack ping” only. “Focus on Last Event” is not useful. If my villagers are getting raided I want to be able to be able to react to it with a hotkey immediately.

Good suggestions. I hope the dev can consider adding “Find all of selected type” hotkey as well, which I find very useful in AOE3.