Hotkey issues

How do I get shift queueing to work? I couldn`t find anything in the hotkeys options. It works for the explorer, but only for movement, not for attacking or collecting treasures. But most importantly, it needs to work for villagers - build a house then go chop a tree - right now I select the vill, right click the house, then shift+right click the tree and they just go straight to the tree.

Also, the game says the kill guardian ability hotkey is D but nothing happens when i select the explorer and press D. I have to click the icon and then click the guardian… any idea what is happening?

you have to press shift then build house and the rest

you have to use letter A or S instead of D, UI was changed. A is in the 2nd row of boxes of the UI that corresponds to kill guardian shot, but the letters on (D) are not useful if they are on the boxes of the UI.

but the letteras that are on buildings image as house (Q) are still on for ctrl + q

Thanks will try that. And yeah the UI still says D but they changed everything to mirror the keyboard, makes sense. Thanks.