Hotkey Remapping: Imperial Academy does not have Produce Imperial Official Hotkey

In the remappable hotkeys options under the Imperial Academy, there is only the technology imperial examinations. Please add the produce Imperial Official to this list.

The Imperial Official currently uses the same key as the Town Centre. For my hotkey set up I use the grid layout for the most part, but have some changes. The Imperial Academy has the Imperial Official icon in the Q spot, but it uses the hot key E because in the town center it is in the E spot.

Please allow me to change the produce Imperial Official Hotkey to be E in the Town Centre and Q in the Imperial Academy or move the Icon for build Imperial Official in the Imperial Academy to the E location.

Both of these options will resolve the conflict that is happening in my brain.

Thank you very much.

Last I heard a fix for this was in the works to hopefully drop during our Season Three update. I can’t locate it in our system currently, but I know I’ve seen it! I’ll leave this open in case I’m mistaken and this behavior is still occurring after the next big update.

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