Hotkey request

It would be great to have a hotkey that selects units of the same type, for example, you select a man-at-arms and you press that key and it selects all the men-at-arms. Also that it can be usable in buildings.

Add that hotkey to the game, please!


this hotkey to do control groups correctly is ******* basic , idk how we are playing whitout that after one year , incredible

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isn’t blizzard style control click already a thing?
pretty certain it is, does this exact thing too

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Yes this hotkey its really good at top player i think this hotkey should be on the game congratulations to galandrin and to Eso team to make it works.

while i’m not sold on 20 control groups, imo 10 do the job, i’m very much sold on pasting auto cad behaviour (also in every other 2d and 3d drawing and modeling software) into aoe4
one more to add, can camera please be locked in place when box drag selecting, basic QoL

What are you referring to?

We have control groups that works just like other RTS games. Also, the option to make the behavior exclusive groups or not.

select all units in one key , actually u need select all the units then select the specific type you want to choose with tab and then with the control select that specific unit and be able to put it in a group. That or go to the troops that are leaving the barracks, the ones that are afk due to the attack button bugs, the ones you already have in the front mixed etc etc. We are asking for a hotkey that when you click, for example, an archer with the hotkey directly selects all the archers you have, or villagers, or buildings of one type or another different troop, etc., so with one key you can add and create control groups at a much higher speed than the current system

Many times there are groups of units that are attacking and other groups of units defending, in that case it is only useful to select the units within the screen

only units of screen hotkey exist so ,one does not conflict with the other, you will use the one that suits you according to what you want to do

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Ah you are talking about selecting all of a single unit type with a command. That is not at all clear from what you said:

I’ve never played any RTS (I’ve played many) that has this select all of a single type of unit command that you call ******* basic and seem to be upset about.

Could be an interesting command to add though.

AOE3 have this hotkey, for example.

They must have added that in DE?

Yes, they did. Check how it works.

we need that Hotkey now ^^, and economic and military minimap

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The auto-cad idea is actually terrible for high APM players. Anyone with high APM 100% guaranteed hate this.

In the context of the original post, his reply makes perfect sense. Not 100% clear but what he means is adding a universal selection hotkey for different units types would make hotkeys so much easier…but I would implement it differently, as I will argue to a post replying to OP

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I would argue it should be a variation of the double click…

Control + Double left Click would select all units of that type of the map.

Control + Click already selects the same unit type on screen, so it can’t be that hard to implement a global select!

Please Devs!

The current workflow for adding specific unit types to specific control groups is so cumbersome…the most efficient way current is ‘select all military’ → Control+ Left click on desired unit type → add to control group…but that is sooo slow

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aoe3 has behavior that can via control + double click select units based on following 3 criteria, state (for vills, allows quickly fetching idles on screen), stance and type, so ctrl double clicking 1 unit will select all units on screen that match its state, stance and type, very intuitive system, that game does have global unit select hotkeys per type also so added bonus, basically, select all cavalry, infantry, fishboats, warships and so on

also bit of topic but EarningPig49 very much sounds like starcraft main, specifically starcraft II, great game ofc, just not my kind to be fair, not most into APM is everything game, aoe meanwhile has enough eco management to not be decided by army micro exclusively, micro is still needed ofc, and not enough is a problem often, but there has to be more to the game outside of purely military part to catch my interest, again, starcraft II is great, lots of stuff other RTS could use from it, but not a kind of RTS i like playing (basically meaning the modern UI of SCII downgrading the part of experience i favor the most, SCI had really poor UI in comparison, but it still flows closer to AOE from my experience than it does to its sequel)