Hotkeys and Keybindings

Most people know that AoE2 has alot of options with hotkeys/keybindings. I don’t know if this is the case in other Age games, sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

You can adjust these just the way you want.
There are mice with alot of buttons and you can use these in AoE2.
You can even use your macro keyboards, you can adjust absolutely everything to your own will.

Select all barracks, archery ranges etc etc, the list is really long.
More than 10 control groups to your command on buttons you want.

I really hope they add this in AoE4 instead of fixed keys and not as many options. Would love to see them implement the amount of options just like AoE2.
Does anyone know this or not allowed to say?
Greetings to all and have a nice day!


If they had the option in the beta, it would we gameplay related, So i suppose we wouldnt be able to confirm or denyy hotkey bindings.
We may only talk about general experience, I think.
IF there were complaints about the bindings in beta, the devs did not ackowlege them oficially afaik. Only the zoom factor was a talking point iirc.

I personally would say keybindings are a main feature in many games, but shooters mostly, less RTS.
We will have to wait and see what will be done.

I don’t agree man. Adjustable Hotkeys and keybindings is absolutely a must in RTS! Not in shooters??


like adding the usage of a Razer Orbweave keyboard ?
Would be cool, i got one on the way xD

I really want break the NDA just because of the lack of info we have on this specific (and absolutly vital) point.

I can’t play aoe with no proper hotkeys, and no way an e-sport scene can emerge without it lol, just imagine SC2 without customable hotkeys!


in shooters you generally have mice which support multiple special buttons. There its common
In RTS I would argue that it may give an advantage to have more keys than the other person playing. thats what I meant.

Well we don’t have any evidence outside the beta that there aren’t customizable hotkeys, but sadly we also don’t have any evidence that there are as many as AoE2 has…

Well even beta players don’t know as the build we played could not have been recent. Most bears use older builds they are sure are stable. So we know there are some hotkeys, but we do not know if we had what will be fully available or not. Best assumptions would be look at Age 2,3, AoE:Oand AoM to compare what they have and it will probably be very similar

The build was months old.
Dev’s said so.

Relic AoE4 Gamescom recap

Is weird to me. I figure latests builds may not stable enough but…
wouldn’t you get a lot of pointless feedback of things that were already included at the time of the beta but not in the beta? A note/list of “already addressed issues” seems a lot easier.

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