Hotkeys for sping update finally coming?

Hello devs and aoe 4 fans,

I was really expecting the hotkeys to preperly work from long time ago, please consider adding this to the spring patch or sooner:

  1. Mourse 4, Mouse 5 bottoms finally working.
  2. Hotkeys for all buildings, all cav building, all infantry, etc… is super annoying to be adding control groups every game, every building.
  3. Hotkeys for different units, all infantry, all cav, all siege, all monks, etc. Is super annoying to only have all military units in which monks are included, or even packed buildings for mongols…is not fun and is something you need to add if you want this game playable in esports.

I think all people playing this game regularly would love to have these options not just me. Every person I play with complain about the same, go to check reddit, youtube stremers, we all are waiting for it.

On the ranked preview the hotkeys were massively improved.