Hotkeys - General Improvements

Fellow AOE4 Players.

                                    **EDIT** -

SO it seems that some of your clients are different when it comes to hotkeys. if you look into replies, one person has the unique unit ablilitys for more units than what i do. im not sure what the issue is overall or why it is like this.


Hotkeys - a vial part of the game, And there are several areas in which this needs / could use some more attention from the devs.

Grid style -

The most simple and bog standard way of playing the game. and it works for most players Everything has its own bind with no effort needed at all in order to play just jump straight in. Some people have issues with this, however the majority of players have no need to go indepth with the controls.

Fully Remappable -

This is where the issue lies for most things AOE4… and this effects me a huge amount when it comes to remapping keys… i like full control over how i play the game. But at this moment in time there are units that currently have no existence within the Fully remappable hotkeys System…

Mehter - currently doesnt exist, the war drums ( attack speed, Melee defence, Range Defence ) are all currently hard set and bound too Q,W,E… which isnt ideal for a Civ thats been out for a long time now.

Janissary - Same problem as above… their Repair ability is Set to Q and cannot be changed in any way.

                     **THESE ARE JUST A FEW EXAMPLES!!!**

Why is this a probem ( for me ) well i dont use ( A ) for attack move. i use Q just the way my hotkeys make sense to me. to make a way around this i have had to bind ( TAB ) to attack move also. so when it gets into Castle / Imperial Ages i can actually control my army Effectively.

As previously stated, i have had to change how ( TAB ) works also… and bind it to " mouse 4 "


What i propose is that the Devs spend a little more time on the Hotkeys issue, and i hope that they read this post. I have come up with an idea in which this would be possible.

                                  THE LIST FORMAT!

The huge list format is an absolute eye sore and a massive pain to change ( IMO ) when it comes to unit conflicts + building Upgrades Everything is just thrown at you. and its a pain to figure out what Civ each upgrade is for. i have spent countless hours Digging through this list and have completely overhalled my keybinds.


my suggestion would be have it like the " LEARN " Page within the game

With this you can Seperate the Civs and all their upgrades and units into there own categories. so if you want to change Abassids units Hotkeys and upgrades, You could click on the any Building they have and change all the hotkeys to your perferred ones, without effecting other Civ’s this would be possible and not such an Eye sore, with alot less confussion.

Im not sure how easy or hard this would be however the " Learn Tab " is already proving this can be a viable option.

Starcraft 2 has a very similar thing. in which you click on the race, and every unit and building they have are able to be clicked on and changed to your preferred hotkey. and worked like a charm.

Im not here to just moan about AOE and the hotkey system… i love this game and enjoy playing it daily ( or when i can ) im actively trying to propose a solution and not just ##### about the system its self!





Starcraft 2’s hotkey system, as i couldnt upload 2 pictures in the main post.

That is very strange… my game does not have that option at all, i dont even have “trample” or Sabotage or the grand galley.

Thank you for this. but im so confused :slight_smile:

Going to try and reinstall, just reinstalled exactly the same situation.

Silly question, but did you try making a new profile?

yep just tried again. and just the same situation.

are you playing on steam or Microsoft ?

Steam here!

Hoping we get more hotkey improvements as time goes on - they do seem to trickle in every patch (and we’re getting some in Season 6 according to the patch notes - just not the Janissary repair ability).

ah fairs, i just dont understand how you have those war drums and i dont

It would be good if we could hotkey Sheeps