Hotkeys not working as supposed

Dear devs,

Important hotkey bugs to be addressed in the next patch:

  1. Mouse 3, Mouse 4, Mouse 5 do not work if you bind it to units atack instead of the key A.
    It is not possible to use mouse keys to atack move nor for ping atack and others.

  2. I expected to have hotkeys to all calvry, all infantry, all ranged units, etc. To be doing controls groups everytime you get more units is super annoying, is a non stop adding again and again units which makes the game less fun.

  3. HOTKEY Select all military units is STILL selecting units such as PACKED mongol units, MONKS, DELHI FINISHING BOATS, etc.

Thank you for reporting @DarkPsicopata! I’ll have the team take a look at #1 and pass feedback on for #2. #3 is being worked on.

Much appreciated!