Hotkeys Select all buildings

First a positive point: selecting all Towns Center recognizes the King’s Palace in English and the Swabian Palace in HRE, which is what I expected it to do.

Selecting all the stables recognizes the Cavalry School as a stable, which seems appropriate to me, but there are some hotkeys that do not recognize all the buildings, which are:

*Select all archery galleries
Does not recognize the Council Chamber as an archery building

*Select all Barracks
MISTAKE: select the docks
Does not recognize Burgrave Palace as a barracks

*Select all Siege Workshops
Does not recognize the College of Artillery as a siege building
Does not recognize the Clock Tower as a siege building

*Select all tech buildings (F3)
Does not recognize the Royal Institute as a technological building
Does not recognize the High Armory as a technological building
Does not recognize the House of Learning as a technological building

*Select all monasteries
Does not recognize the Dome of Faith as a religious building

I would be grateful if you would make those changes, the idea is not to dispense with control groups in buildings.


I was hoping they would reply to us on the bugs before tomorrow,
I wouldn’t want to wait a month to fix that as it doesn’t seem that complicated

Can I add that Select all military production buildings also includes the docks? This is kind of annoying because when I set a waypoint for this hotkey it includes the fishing ships.

On top of that, I want to report that the “Select all Barracks” hotkey also includes the docks, which is pretty annoying.

that’s with f1, it doesn’t bother me

Yes, for me including the docks in “Select All Military Buildings” (F1) doesn’t bother me as well, but if you have two separate hotkeys “Select All Barracks” and “Select All Docks” then I would expect them to be mutually exclusive.

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you’re right, I hadn’t noticed,i will edit it

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unless the barracks select the docks it is an error, the rest are my suggestions, if you please make that change if it is not very complicated, thank you

There’s a bug or an oversight where Select All Military includes fishing ships
This should be fixed also

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I reported it a long time ago

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Hello. The idea behind the “Select All XXX building”, and anyone can comment to confirm or deny, is to easily access all of your production buildings at once to attain maximum production rate.

Now, having said that, I would like to report the fact that landmarks that have the behavior of a production building are sometimes (or all the time?) are not included in the selection.

The example I have is the Castle Age landmark for the HRE civilization, which I forget the name, sorry. Select All Barracks does not include this landmark, making it difficult to use your fastest barracks for production.

I already reported that bug, glad we have the same suggestion

Hello, all! There are more than a few “Select All” issues that we’re hoping to have fixed soon. We’re not ignoring your helpful reports—they continue to be very much appreciated. Thanks, all!

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