Hotkeys Suggestion

First of all I want to says thanks to the devs for adding the Select all Meele Infantry, Select all Ranged Infantry and Select all Cavalry hotkeys to the game. Really nice addition.

I would like to suggest though that we add a couple more hotkeys mixing these hotkeys with the Select all Units in Screen hotkey. That would be really nice to allow better skill macro and to add units to control groups.

I would keep all current hotkeys options as they are, I would just add the following ones. They don’t need to have a default value, can be empty until the player sets them.

  • Select all Military Units in Screen.
  • Select all workers in Screen.
  • Select all Cavalry in Screen.
  • Select all Meele infantry in Screen.
  • Select all Ranged infantry in Screen.
  • Select all Siege in Screen.

Oh wow, I didn’t see those new hotkeys! That is really nice and a game changer for me as I am horrid at adding new units into groups. Thanks for sharing :blush:.

I didnt know. Thanks in advance.

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