HI all enjoying the game except i cant seem to find the hotkeys to go to . IE go to Blacksmith, go to stable etc. AM I missing something here?


They set up hotkeys differently on this game
F1 goes to all military buildings, F2 all eco buildings(mills, lumbe camps, markets…), F3 for blacksmith and university and F4 for tc and landmarks.
You can then cycle through the buildings with tab.
I normally put my military buildings in control groups otherwise camera takes me back to them or if I disable then I have to press f5 when I want to go to buildings such as tc and stuff.

You were not the one who missed something mate.


Works nicely if you never played a RTS game before and think you will only get one of each building and games can take 3 hours. 8 years old me would not see the problem in this.

However after 20 years, knowing that with a decent economy you get couple dozen of military buildings, likely spread all over the map, wasting precious APM cycling through buildings is pointless. ‘Go to’ limits to one kind. Control group nails the precision, but you cant have it all on control group.

Huge oversight.


Yep, I agree. I am still trying to get the hang of this game and retraining muscle memory takes time.
Control groups worked so well for aoe3 cuz even on late game you wouldn’t need that many buildings since units train in batches.
Still think is better atm than using tab to keep cycling through them

What? This is exactly how everyone sets up their hotkeys in Starcraft 2. One button for all military and then just hit tab to get all of your barracks/etc. It’s not “If you never played a RTS game before” it’s “if you’re not too lazy to look at and learn the new hotkeys”. You seem to just have a fundamental misunderstanding of how they work.

Its silly when you can have Ctrl+B for All Barracks, Shift+B to cycle through them, Ctrl+A for Ranges, etc.

CtrlB + ShiftQ = you get 5 units trained over your barracks. 2 commands. You see all barracks individually on your UI if you also want to click on a specific one. Your screen doesnt jump to any buliding whilst you do that.

Isnt that better design?