Hey peoples please can anyone help me by providing me some good hotkeys to make it easier to play…

Like how you guys move the camera around the map…

What you guys are using to select villagers or military folk and so on ? :innocent::love_you_gesture:t4:

I remapped the “tilde” or “backtick” key ("~" or “`” just bellow the Escape key) to Select all Idle vilagers.
I’ve remapped space-bar to Focus camera on selected unit and made it so the camera doesn’t automatically focus on units when using the F1-F4 keys or when selecting / cycling through idle villagers and stuff.
I’ve seen pro’s put their special buildings on a separate control-group but for me the F keys and Tab to cycle through them works just fine for now.
I also have Ctrl+tilde as select single idle villager but I hardly ever use that lol.

For the rest when microing military I use Ctrl+click a lot to select all dudes from the same type but trying to select my prelates during combat remains difficult for that so maybe I should have them in a separate control group.

If there’s anything I hope they add its the ability to change the Select-all-army hotkey and the ability to steal from control-groups as well as auto add units to a control group.