House of Wisdom WING CHANGES

  • Preservation of knowledge (1st culture tech) reworked to provide more immediate value as follows:
  1. now applies a flat cost reduction of -150 gold to all techs (the discount can range from 15% on imperial techs to 75% on wheelbarrow), instead of the usual -30% resources

  2. research time reduced to 10 seconds (!)

  • Boot camp (1st military tech) reworked to provide a flat +20 HP on all infantry (which is around +30% on feudal archers and only +10% on imperial man-at-arms)

I really like the current civ balance and I’m glad the latest patch keeps everything stable going into redbull wololo. That said, I came up with these ideas on how to change Abbasid’s house of wisdom wings in a future update, so decided to share them. Although I love my preservation of knowledge change, I’m a bit uncertain about boot camp, so would appreciate any opinion/feedback