How about adding population limit upgrade in age 4

It takes too long time in some games because 80 population military units can’t destroy the defense lines if two player’s resources are enough.

So how about adding an upgrade that population pops to 300 (at least 250) in age 4?

I think 2000 gold is enough. It’s much better than loose games or building wonder in 1hour game.

The golden league 2 beastyqt and viper second game was really boring and I thought population limit pop must be necessary in really late games.

It would be much more fun to watch the games.

Thanks for reading (^u^)

For me was boring for mass sieges stale in age IV. If you increase pop people continues make sieges. But with the actual mangos nerf I hope last era changes a lot.

I agree. My suggestion is mango damages to friendly units if this nerf is not enough (or nerf siege load times or population nerf)

The game became stale thanks to mass siege.
If you increase the pop cap, more siege will be added and the problem will be games will never end anymore except for wonder victories.

Let’s see what the mango nerf did, i have high hopes for now.

If it was too much, or a wrong decision, they should consider friendly fire, a siege pop cap (my favorit), or lock on ground for mango’s instead of lock on target.

Yes I think mango nerf is the first thing to make healthier meta. What I suggested is about after the mangos nerfed enough