How about more Unique Units?

A lot of people seem to feel that most of the civs are lacking in unique units.
While some Civs seem fine in that department (French, Rus, and especially Chinese),
I think this is especially true for the some civs like the HRE, English, Abbasids, and Dehli Sultanate.

For the English:

We can replace the spearman line at Age 2 with Billmen infantry. (not at age 1 so they can’t rush with vanguard man-at-arms).
In regards to playstyle, Billmen could be an interesting middle-ground between the common spearman and man-at-arms lines. They can almost as tanky and snow moving as man-at-arms but do less melee dmg (except for their cavalry bonus)

This would build on top of the English’s infantry focus in Aoe IV and give them a strong tool against cavalry attacks. After all, it was dismounted knights wielding Bills that held the centre formation at the battle of Agincourt.

So not only would it play well into gameplay but it very much fits into the historical accuracy of the English’s tactics.

For the HRE:

Also an infantry focused civ, the HRE are generally well balanced.
However they do feel lacking in the Unique unit department. As they only have the Prelate and Landsknecht to offer.

I propose that there simply be a second variant of the Landsknecht that wields a pike instead.
Gameplay wise, they could have a longer range than the average spearman and perhaps do more damage when bracing cavalry charges. But they wouldn’t benefit from the massive armor upgrades the HRE blacksmith has available. (making them equally weak ranged units like their Zweihänder counterparts)
This would very much represent how the HRE became a dominant power later into the Medieval period that employed Pike & Shot tactics. There are also a lot of depictions of the Landsknecht fighting within pike formations.

For the Abbasids and Dehli Sultanate:

Both civs appear to be late-game cavalry powerhouses.
Which I think is a really nice civ design.

However both civs seem to only have one type of unique unit with a ranged variant.
Camel riders and Camel archers for the Abbasids. War elepants and Tower Elephants for the Dehli Sultanate.

I propose that we replace the lancer/knight line for both civs with Mamluk heavy cavalry.
Both Islamic civs employed such heavy cavalry due to their connection with the arab world.

This would also play into both of their playstyles well.
Being tankier than Camel Riders (while also wielding a lance for the charge bonus), and cheaper than War Elephants. It will allow both civs to have more tools to play with within the cavalry lines.


What do you think?
Feel free to discuss the suggestions/what you would prefer instead!


The civs need more dimensions.


Definitely, and I feel more unique units would be a good start.
All of these suggestions mainly propose only 1 more unit to the civ’s rosters. (in the case of Dehli and Abbasids its a shared variant of the knight as well)
And I feel pushing civs further into one archetypal side (such as the English being more infantry focused) would help with creating some sort of asymmetry.

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I agree but hesitate to offer comprehensive solutions. Civs need to be built from the ground up and adding things in post production is never going to be a very effective design. I totally realize that’s all we’ve got left at this point, but still civ design needs to be a deep dive.


I definitely don’t think more unique units would magically fix the civ design problems we have currently.
But I also feel that it is one aspect of interesting civ design.

Im unsure about how out-of-place these units would be if they were added, though i’ve tried to be mindful of what kind of units I was suggesting. (mainly sticking to the playstyle civs naturally gravitate towards currently rather than covering places they would be weak in as we do still want weaknesses)

I think we should start by making knight and lancer different before talking about adding more units ^^


I’ve already given that feedback, im moving forward now.

It’s a joke, what you want will never happend ^^

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Thanks random guy.
But I really could care less about what you think is possible or not.


Wtf why do you react like that?


Do the Mongols get cavalry archers regular version besides the Mangudai and the Khan? I saw something like that in the early videos of Mongols ambushing Chinese. What about the Abbasids? Do they get mamluk slave soldiers?

Im pretty sure they only get Mangudai.
The only other civ that gets horse archers is the Rus and they can’t do what the Mangudai can. (shoot while moving)

They only have unique camel cavarly. (melee and archers)
The rest of their unique units are naval.

How dreadful. This game is really limited and constrained. They didn’t even bother adding more types of wildlife or pigs, cows or goats…


There’s a different thread for that, let’s keep it on topic.

I agree a few more unique units would be nice. Especially since the English only have 1. I don’t think they need to go crazy or that they all need to be to the level of Chinese, but having 1 or 2 more depending on the civ would be nice.

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More unique units could come in DLC. The more they have, the harder it is to balance the game. So personally, since PVP and game balance matter most to me, I don’t mind if they wait until post-launch, see how the meta shakes out and what kind of unit roster gaps each civ has and then fill them with something unique. I don’t want unique units just for the sake of them - they have to actually fill a missing role or niche within the overall army.

Im fine if more units are added to the current civs post launch.
I am however against the idea of adding them as DLC content.
DLC content should only be cosmetic, or for New civs/ campaigns.

A paid DLC that adds units to the basegame civs would be a bit of an insult.

Its not impossible to do. Once again, it’s simply adding 1 more unit to most of these civ’s rosters.
Units that already work with the playstyle they have. Its not like im proposing something that would remove all weaknesses a civ has.

If you read through the post I made you’ll find that that is precisely what im trying to propose. They all fill a role/niche and can be balanced accordingly.
What would be bad civ design is making a unit that covers all weaknesses a civ can have.
The civs listed are severely lacking in unique units when compared to some of the other launch civs.

Chinese, French, Rus, and Mongols play just fine and they have 1-2 more unique units more.

Yeah I totally agree.
Its weird the chinese got so much while a bunch are basically skeletons.
And I think its reasonable to suggest 1-2 more units for some of the more deficient civs.

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Yeah, they’d be crazy to do that since it would basically make people’s games incompatible in multiplayer.

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more unique units across different unit lines, something I definitely want to see and the Chinese already have.

palace guard infantry? chu ku no archer? fire lancer cavalry? nest of bees? even the useless grenadier?

meanwhile India gets a ranged elephant and a melee elephant.

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Yeah exactly!
The Chinese got a lot of love in that regard. It’s only right to give as much variety (or even just slightly less) for the other civs in this game.

And I think the English, HRE, Abbasids, and Dehli Sultanate got the short end of the stick.