How about renaming "El Dorado"?

I’m talking about the Mayans Unique tech. “El Dorado” was a South American legend, which has nothing to do with Mayans. The game manual attributes the increase in Eagle warriors’ attack because “they fight to protect it”. So, the name of the tech could be repleaced by something equally valuable that actually belonged to the Mayans. Like, the calendar. Or… based on the fact that they predicted the end of the world, how about the tech is called “End of the world” and claim that Eagles fight harder because of it? Or that they ARE the cause of the End of the world?


Garland ward and el dorado should switch names

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Are you for real? I think you know perfectly well that the Garland Wars were a practice carried out by the Aztecs, and that El Dorado wouldn’t pertain to them either.

Oooh, okay, I’ve just realized that I mistook the effect of the El Dorado tech, but that’s a minor thing.

Wait, I got it. They gain HP because they’re preparing themselves to resist the End of the world.

It should be called something like “Cotton Armor”, which fits much better historically with the effect.


It does. However, at least for me, it brings up how ridiculous it is to pitch those kind of units against men with steel armor and swords. “Cotton armor”… I mean, COTTON.

The Aztecs used it as well, but I think it’d be fine for Mayans. But basically, Cotton Armor was actually amazing. Literally able to stop bullets sometimes. The Spanish Conquistors would actually often replace their cumbersome steel armor with the native Cotton Armor, it was that much more flexible and very useful. So I think it’s actually very much fine.


I’d love to hear an explanation of how that worked out. I’m picturing a regular shirt, which are made of cotton too. Not even metal breastplates were able to stop bullets.

Okay… it says that the cotton was “densely packed”. I can begin to imagine how that would protect from stabs and bullets, although it’s hard to properly understand.

Anyway. “Cotton armor” to raise HP was such an obvious choice for the developers to make at the time. Why didn’t they? My guess is that its name overlaps with the names of smelter’s techs. Take italians’ pavese and magyars’ recurve bow - they have the same effect of a smelter tech, but they portray a different element. “El Dorado” should go. It belongs to Mayans as much as the Nibelungen myth belongs to Africans.

Rename the UT give mayans a full campaign and add one or two meso civis.


It’s difficult to give Mayans a whole campaign because there’s not enough information about them. Keep in mind that when Cortés arrived, the Mayans had already disappeared, centuries ago, if I’m not mistaken.

It’s the same problem with adding more American civs. There has been talk about adding the Chimus, who are featured in the Pachacuti campaing as enemies. Maybe they could have an archer unique unit with a greater bonus against pikemen, to make it clash with the incas kamayuk.

That’s not true. It’s true that few information remains, but the entire conflict of Tikal-Calakmul has a very clear chronology and enough documentation to make a campaign, information about Mayans has improved in the course of 20 years (as if campaigns in this game are rigorous in terms of history).

Also false. It’s true that after the IX and X century the so called “Classical Period” for the Mayans ended, and there was some sort of general social collapse, but several new city states emerged during the next three centuries (Chichén Itzá is one example iirc) and Mayans clearly interacted with the Spanish and others mesoamerican peoples. Mayans actually outlived the Mexicas (Aztecs) as independent polities, and Mayan insurrections still happened well into the early XX century. Plus, you just need to Google and you will see that there are still Mayan communities across de Yucatán peninsula.


Oh… then the history section of AOE is mistaken. At least in AOC times, which is what I remember.

I haven’t checked, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the entire history section is just bogus, just like the civ design itself.

I won’t repeat what @TamerLame1142 just said regarding the Mayas, but quite a lot of Native American civs could be added to the game, some of them having even faced the Spanish. In Mesoamerica you have the Purepecha, Zapotecs, Mixtecs and Toltecs, and in South America the Mapuche, Muisca, Chimu and Wari. And this list is far from complete.

Not the Mapuche, I can assure you. They would require a Nomad mode in which you can’t build the town center. The Mapuche didn’t do anyting comparable to Incas or Aztecs. Huns weren’t known for building a society either, a fact that is reflected in their Wonder, which is another civilization’s landmark in ruins. But the Huns posed a real threat to the greatest empire of the time, invading and looting it. There’s the case of the first foundation of Buenos Aires (Argentina). It started with a fort, which suffered the siege of indian tribes. This fort had to be abandoned, and Buenos Aires was founded a second time years later. The people of Buenos Aires were that: settlers. They were weak, and the tribes of South America could only compete with such.

WhY hAsN’t ThIs BeEn AdDrEsSeD yEt?

What’s with the mocking tone?

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I was mimicking another user with whom I’ve been compared; it’s the user who pushes for flaming camels to be on aggresive stance by default.