How about replacing Battle Royale with a no diplo FFA conquest mode

So the main reason is, because I assume everyone agrees that Battle Royale is pretty much dead 20+ minute queues don’t seem to be telling me that the mode is alive anymore at all.

So instead I’d say, we get a FFA conquest queue, unranked AND ranked.

For those saying it would skew with ranked rating, no it won’t because it will be a different rating like team rating is not affecting solo rating as well.

If the devs want to make the match times shorter then make it King of the Monument so it’s on a timer.

My reasoning for wanting to see FFA as a normal queue mode, is that I really hate custom lobby browser not having a benchmark test, and every FFA I joined, well in fact every game I joined in custom lobbies has lagged from minute 0.
People seem to have terrible pc’s playing in there.

And FFA is the main type I see played for ‘community games’ mostly diplo, but we don’t need diplo that much for ranked/unranked games.

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BR failed because it is part of quick play. Quick play is a big disaster. I explained this point of view in the following thread:

Quick play in general fails in being quick. All match ups are unbalanced, so you are always better off with playing in ranked. But ranked also only works if there is a large enough player base.

Note: I already predicted the decline of quick play while they only announced the feature. Things just went like i expected it to go. So it wasnt a surprise to me that quick play just failed to be the quickest way to get into a game. That was and still is Ranked.

I think the best solution is just to delete quick play from the game and add some modes to the ranked queue. I suggest the following:

  • For EW i think the player base will be large enough. I made this assumption based on the hype around the redbull tournaments with EW settings. It is also a game mode the devs wants to push, because they put it into quick play.
  • We can also think about BR (and maybe add different custum scenario, like CBA) to ranked. This is also a new game mode that the devs want to push. Currently it fails because of quick play (= unbalanced games), but it might get popular if the games becomes balances against. People who figure out the meta for BR play against other good people and noobs play against other noobs. That will greatly improve BR. But even then i think BR wont be that popular. So if the devs really wants to push BR, then the can put it into ranked, but i prefer to not have them in ranked because the player base will be too small.
  • You suggests FFA. I dont really feel like there is a large enough player base to have it work in ranked. Currently there is just 1 game in the lobby with FFA in the title. But this is in fact just a 1v1, so i have no idea why FFA is in the lobby title. During typing this post, that lobby disappears. Now there isnt a single FFA lobby to join. Also there are just 2 ongoing matches in the lobby for FFA. Such small player base wont really work for ranked. Too few players to justify a queue in my opinion.
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Well… this only refers to the last point of @WoodsierCorn696 s answer, and only is my opinion, but I think that the FFA “community” is killing itself. All FFA games I was in so far, the Host had at least 1 or 2 friends also being in there teaming with him. How do I get to that assumption? Well look at the games of the host, and all player that team with him on and find out they ALWAYS play with each other. Whats the point for me to join a rigged game? The only fun and somewhat competitive or lets call it fair (since I am far from being competitive) games for me have the Lock Teams option checked everything else will just get ignored

Yeah I get that ‘killing itself’ part, it would be a fine line to fine tune a FFA mode like this, so that one for example would only be able to queue up alone for it, probably still could be in some way exploited by joining at the same time etc.

@WoodsierCorn696 I only ever saw Empire Wars as something, lemme use this weird term, twitchy gameplay, where it was tried to condense the entire essence of AoE2 in the shortest amount of time for a match round.
Never really clicked with me, I may also be confusing it with death match as well, that also never clicked with me.
What’s CBA standing for? I saw Battle Royale more as a ‘joke mode’ as every game left right and center was making a Battle Royale version for it’s series.

The main reason I suggested or came to the idea for it was an older T90 video where he talked about how some people play 8 hour long games on FFA diplo or how Blue Coffee got a pretty high rating on voobly only from playing FFA, and I was thinking that there does seem to be a community being super into it, but haven’t had a reason to join DE yet.

We on the official discord see Quickplay as the least ‘mattering’ when we just want some matches with newer people against real opponents, it is an alternative to ease players into a PvP environment.
It’s still featuring a hidden elo system and that most likely works like the ranked system, but the huge discrepancies happen because people use that mode to get other friends and weaker players up against some real human opponents.

Castle Blood Allin. Its a somewhat popular scenario, where you have 4 castles that autoproduce unique units, then you figth against others. Getting kills lets you age up, getting enemy buildings gives you vills. I myself love it, but also the community is imho not big enough to be split into different lobbies, and also way to rng dependend (many matchups are civwins, it normally is played on random civ). Also there are a lot of different versions of CBA out and a lot of different playstyles:
Standard Requiem V6 (played by most people)
Euron Version (new civs dont work, still being hosted regularly, I do not get why hosts do this…)
Then the 6x and 9x community… this imho only makes civs way more outbalanced…
Then those guys even have their own data sets to rebalance it again (no additional blacksmiths or universities, and most important: fletching influences gunpowder units, also leading to pretty strange instances where you have 3 blacksmith techs for mameluckes or axemen (Fletching for range, Forging for attack, Cav /Inf armor for armor, this again is a big disadvantage against for example an archer civ, because they get range and attack upgraded the same time, so you will figth with worse units, only because of civ, making the balance not really better)) (someone who can read between the lines migth understand: I am not the biggest fan of CBA x9/6… but still, there are plenty of people in that community)
So in total I guess we can forget the CBA queue idea. The community would have to play exact one version of it with one dataset. This already splits at least 50% of CBA players out of the queue (because there are so many different scenarios called CBA), and that fraction that stays is just too small for a queing system imho…

Also I totally forgot about all the different CBA King TE versions (mostly played on Asia servers, also have a lot of non english words in them… never really got behind how they work 11 but they are, depending on the time of the day, even more than the Requiem V6 guys, so for a CBA queue these would also be important to somehow be included… but again, if the queue would be KingTE, I would lovely never play it, like a lot of people who like a specefic version…)

EW is kind of in between RM and DM. You still have to go through most ages (except dark age), but the action can start instantly. Unlike DM you still have to research all the techs and you have much more limited resources at the start.

A common complain about RM is that it is currently too defensive. Walling kills almost all feudal aggression. In EW you can instantly start your feudal rush, so the enemy dont have the time to wall up. So the main benefit of EW is that the action starts much more quickly. This might also benefits the pros for becoming a real esport game. That is mainly the reason why Redbull decised to go for EW tournaments. For non AOE II DE players, the dark age seems like a boring part of the game without the real action. By just skipping this part it might attrack more people. Also the pros seems to really play well in redbull tournaments. All together i really thing there will be demand for a EW ranking.

I also see BR as a joke mode. I think i once have said it is a great mode to play with friends if you are drunk. I also dont think BR needs to be taken that seriously. But in quick play it completely fails, since quick play fails. People that have played the game mode many times just play against people that just play there first game and have no idea what to do. These games arent balanced at all.

CBA is already explained by FinalBucket3743. It is just some other kind of scenario in which you have to fight in the centre. It wasnt my cup of tea, but other liked this game mode.

I never claim there are no games, but i do think this community is too small to have an own queue. Not sure if these still play at voobly for some reason.

I have seen some players claim this, but i havent seen any evidence for this claim. For that reason my point of view is that it doesnt use any elo system, until someone can give me the proof.

In this thread i have had the same discussion about elo and quick play as well. Until now no one has given me any kind of proof to support their claim of an hiddenn elo system.