How about to add a function to occupy the Wall Gate?

If the Saint Point can be occupied,Is it possible to make the Wall Gate like this: as long as the enemy soldiers appear behind the Wall Gate (which can be climbed by the siege tower), there will be a circle like occupying the Saint Point, and it has not been eliminated when the time comes. If so, the control of the Wall Gate will be transferred to the enemy.


This not only improves the appearance rate of the siege tower, but also strengthens the early offensive and defensive operability, and it is more in line with the actual history (a small number of elites enter the Wall, open the Gate and put in the others,especially horseman), which is an improvement that serves multiple purposes~!

I like the idea of being able to capture walls using siege towers. The current wall mechanics favors punching a hole through the wall instead of fighting on top of the wall (which I was hoping would be a major feature in Age4 now that Relic got walls to work). I do not recall the last time I saw a human player make a siege tower.

Great!Thank you for reply!Hope they can fix it :smiley: