How about to make the Mongolian Scourge take effect to Meteor Hammers?

just like increase the multiplier to artillery from 1.25 to 1.75 or 2.25


It’s a good idea for the Chinese to fight artillery late in the game, or get a 0.66 counter artillery ability with an exlated upgrade

wow, that’s so unbelievable

34 * 2=68
68 * 3=204>200

33 * 2 * 3=198<200

Just a tiny nerf of their base attack is enough.


It is 1.34 right now. Its anti artillery ability is still pretty good, as long as you are not facing heavy canons or papal canons: 5291.2*1.34=233.16, which means 5 disciplined meteor hammers kill a falconet in one shot. If you fail to kill canons using meteor hammers, i think you should basically blame their low HP, not their damage against artilery.
BTW, 长弓下面没了

The Meteor Hammer costs 175 Gold, the most expensive melee cavalry of two populations, with a health of 217hp. A population of cavalry Cossacks is 225hp. The normal data for the Meteor Hammer could be 225hp, the speed is 6.75,and the attack is 30,anti-artillery is 1.4


Meteor hammer have artillery multiplier because keshik doesn’t, instead of nerfing meteor hammer’s only multiplier they should just give it to keshik and combine iron flail + meteor hammer into 1 unit: the iron hammer. In other words, give china arsenal.

Thank you for your time.

the keshik does have it wat are you talking about?

they get it after the vet upgrade

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My mistakeeeeeeeeeseeeee