How about units experience in the battlefield , that would be awesome

Almost every westwood studios rts game have this feature , so why not in AGE4 ?.The battle for middle earth is a good example.I love it.That would be great if my troops get more experience.


I think this would be kinda cool, but I would fear that it would increase microing your military to an insane level.

If I remember correctly in BFME you had something like battalions that you would command (and more or less smash into each other), while in AoE you have control over single units and I think that would be really demanding on the players to manage the “resource” experience on that level.

So I don’t see it happening, but maybe my imagination in that regard is lacking.


Units experience really works in Tiberiun Sun, and Red Alert 2 , Generals , Emperor battle for dune.You dont need to microing you military that much ;] ,its all about having your best units in the back of the battle , and keep them alive ;]

I’ve played some games with this like Command and Conquer, but never really felt like it added anything interesting.

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that’s what is the problem with microing, try to keep the same type of unit in the back at all times.

The bigger issue I see is the inbalance in the early game, where a small advantage can steamroll greatly. Also the focus is more grand scale, rather than micro-managment


I would like to see a kill counter on each unit, similar to starcraft II. It always use to surprise and interest me how many kills some units have even if it doesn’t lead to experience or strength


That’s what I see when there are a match o 8 players and Red player is rushing to blue at minute 15 an destroy him, then to green and yellow. In minute 40 red player destroyed 3-4 players.

Then there is orange player that was booming on Eco strategy and destroy Red because their armies was the same :joy::joy::joy: but Red destroyed 3-4 on that time and orange not, that’s not cool hahaha

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its all about having your best units in the back of the battle , and keep them alive

Isn’t that like textbook micro?


I love unit XP but in games focused solely on single-player and sp-related, additional modes.
They Are Billions, Warrior Kings, Dawn of War II… you name it.

It’s a neat mechanics that gives a bit more depth to the general experience, but for me personally min-maxing around it would be tedious and crude and in some weird ways, would feel just annoying in competitive modes in RTS games with enough things going on already. Just doesn’t scratch the right itch. Talking mostly about AoE III-sized experience. For something more simple and streamlined with less unit types and uniques? Idk, maybe a bit more viable.

But just as a cosmetic layer? Sure! A bit more fancy, upgraded skins for veterans… who would mind that? Even with some light gameplay alterations- being healed by priests faster, or trading ships being able to achieve a bit greater speed on open waters, that would give a slight boost in their efficiency - in that case nothing that would break or tip the game over. Just as a reward for protecting your trading ships by giving the escorts or having supremacy on that body of water.

There is a lot that can be done when it comes to small touches that would give the game more personality. Like in AoE II you have a lot of unit stats that are not visible or obvious straight away. IV could have some hiden set of small bonuses.
Repair you keep from <10% of HP to 90%+? It gets fancy banner on top and +10% armor.
Have some archer on top of the wall that gets killscore of 10+? Give him a pretty bow and like +3 range (their default was 22, 27? Can’t remember IVs range metrics). Just neat little things that would make game more dynamic, reactive and interesting.


idk, at an insane level microing is fine for combat, the biggest differentiator in the games being compared though versus aoe is the close to total lack of resource micro’ing

most of it in those games are automated, aoe has gotten less micro on resource side of things but you still have those precocious woodcutters going around all ova the place

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I think units Xp while combat , is a great idea , because you actually do nothing more.Its all automated.If you like to have the best Xp units in the battlefield , then play with them well , and have fun.Units Xp is always a good idea , and I always thought that what Westwood Studios did with C&C , will always be in any rts game ;].To bad , so sad.Units Xp should be a normal evolution , to any rts games !

as noted before by @ FragrantLion957, its not that easy in practice