How about we end any hate on AOE2 DE?

I’m seeing many users on Steam that keep hating AOE 2 DE. Because now we have 3 different games.

And many others: It’s Win 10 exclusive.

Now if the game fails, AOE 2 is pretty much done for.
If it succeeds, we will have one game with the ability to play the other 2 (AI).

So what is the problem, everyone who hates the DE?

Edit: I have an example of a nice dude who isn’t aggressive on this post but doesn’t feel great about DE and that’s fine:


We clashed around the forum more than once, lol. Fun discussions indeed, i must say.
I think it is because people (me included) love Age Of Empires so much, that they want the game to become perfect in every aspect. As i have grown up playing all AOE games in parallel with other games - RTS or not - i can say i got a lot of experience around.
Not being the kid i was, and puting AOE2 in comparrison with today’s titles i played, i see A LOT of flaws - flaws that weren’t possible to be fixed back in the day, and became part of the game with the passing of time.
As we have a new title coming up with all this promises made, we get the perfect opportunity to get all flaws fixed - ranging from small optimizations to cool and spicy stuff in multiplayer. Players end up targeting these flaws over and over, with the hope the game of their lifes gets better and better. But there’s always something to improve, no game is perfect…

People who think like me wouldn’t exchange Age Of Empires for anything - except a better Age Of Empires.


the game still close beta I’m not sure what you are talking about.

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There are 2 kinds of people around here: 1 type want a perfect game. That’s very OK. The others are being aggressive because they got to pay again, HD is broken and they haven’t seen the game but hate it. And hate the game likers. I’m talking about them… Their other complaint is that we will have 3 games now. (Point is, if the game is decent enough, most of the others will move to DE)

But when you hate the game before the release, be rude to people who think it has potential. This is when you have a problem. I’m speaking generally, Not to one guy here.

As I will. Point is what I said above.


yes that is reasonably.

I just hate the dev only give the discount before or on the day of release. There is no reviews and you have to decide buy or give up the discount

You can buy it then refund it in at least 3-4 weeks saying “game crashes” and steam will refund it because its a new release.

The problem is noise. We as human being, we only hear negative noises. Steam is full of it. Ignore it, just do what you like, people who wanna play this game will look at the gameplay, and won’t see or hear those who don’t even own the game.

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That is very true. You know, the only problem is all these negative noises are just… So confident about themselves that it gets both annoying and offensive.

That’s what I always said. When I came here first, I was like: If people do that on Steam, there’s no reason for them not being anywhere they can like a virus (I mean aggressive people-only) But when I came in this forum, I realized I was wrong, We have a nice community who care for the game and I have not seen 1 Aggressive dude yet…

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