How Age of Mythology inspired other ganes

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You forgot the Atlantis DLC for Odyssey.

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Does this mean the next AC game is going to be a poorly made Chinese game? :thinking:

I would honestly jot be surprised it they go to China.
Asian setting are kinda missing in AC and China is a big market today.
3 Kingdoms setting also works well in other Asian countries.

It’s obvious that they don’t copy AoM because they both use the most famous Mythology.
If anyone knows something about Mesopotamian mythology is likely not much more than Gilgamesh.
Biblical mythology is kinda known but doesn’t fit that well and could be problematic because of the wide spread of strongly religious Jews, Muslims and Christians.

Honestly IIRC they already said they won’t be doing China cause they’ve done it before in one of the mobile games, and that they won’t do Japan cause it’s ‘predictable’.